Finally got the go-ahead to start building the wall around the orphanage property (approx 8 acres or so). Lots of non-violent drama around the issue in the community. While Pastor Mark negotiated with the local people about access and property line issues, the team spent time praying….God showed up!! –P.Paul

Today we started the Vacation Bible School and what fun it was!!  We were a little taken back at first because only 15 kids showed up, when we were expecting 200, however; within 20 minutes the children came out of the woodwork.  By the end of the session, we had about 125 kids running around like madmen!  Tomorrow we are expecting much more children as the word will spread in the community.  The ladies from Crossroads have been amazing, doing crafts, handing out snacks and sharing Bible stories….quite tiring when you can’t speak the children’s language. Although, I have to admit, I have it pretty easy….I get to play soccer with the kids and soccer is an international language in itself.  Keep praying for us!  -Lace

Hi It’s Tony. How is everything at home Jeanette. I am really missing you and the kids. Today went really well. We ended up getting a decent # of posts in, ready for the concrete wall slats tomorrow. Scoping the place out for a future solar install as well. They need it here. The grid goes down a lot and hydro is extremely expensive. Ciao for now.    Tony

The Food is sooo Good! Like you wouldn’t believe it! I’m starting to miss you mom…can’t t wait to get home give you a big hug and tell you I love you J I hope everything is going well at home and running smoothly… I miss you I love you and I’ll see you soon. Has the house sold??? – Ev

Hi Viv. I love you I miss you and Caden, I’ll see you seen. – Doug

Hi Susan. I love you and I miss ya. – David

Wow… today was amazing. VBS was a tad overwhelming, but went really well. Oh and last night we had church! It was beautiful to see all the people worship in Creole – even some Hillsong songs. J

All the kids are so cute… God is doing a ton! I am learning so much already and am excited to see what happens next!

Oh and us girls also had an awesome trip to the market this morning! What an experience. It was crazy and on the way back we got to ride in the back of the truck and the people were waving and laughing at the white girls riding like Haitians. J

Anyways… more tomorrow!

Thanks for the prayers!

Love you all!


This morning us girls went to the market. In order to get there we had one of the translators take us (his name is Marc Eddy) and he took us down little goat paths through the jungle where we spotted many tropical trees and baby animals. The goats in general here are tiny so their kids are super cute and tiny! J  The market was very packed! Everyone was everywhere speaking in their own language which we couldn’t understand. All the children tend to yell ‘YOU!’ if they are trying to get our attention, I wish I could understand because they always seem to have a conversation with me then pause waiting for me to respond. So I just stare blankly at them and shrug my shoulders saying ‘I can’t understand you..’ L The market had its own interesting smell, it was a hint of food, burning garbage, body odor smoke. It was kinda gross but we did fine. Delicia

Went to the market this morning and that was a cool, and interesting experience. Rode back in the back of the truck and everyone stared and laughed and waved at us and called you!!! J VBS was sweet and hectic!!  Tried a mango and a coconut today…so good J all in all it was a great but busy day. The food here is soooooo good!!! Rachel

One final note: Paul Oxby got thrown in the air by the cement mixer….no injuries, the Haitians laughed and so did Paul, Joe and Doug. Good times.P.Paul (love you Janice). You too Luke. You  too Lisa!