Tuesday, August 30th. Means 13 days to go before our team of 12 hit Haiti!! The team met Sunday afternoon to review our meds, travel and flight info, and identify any questions that remain unanswered. Started the meeting in prayer, for unity, health and safety, and that God would give us true servant hearts. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 6th. This meeting will all be about prayer and spiritual preparation for our trip.

Our team has a great mix of youth and experience; we have two teens fresh out of high school and about to start their first year of internship at Crossroads. We have a master electrician/solar power expert who can wire almost anything; we have a brick/stone mason who can build almost anything; we have a master mechanic who can fix almost anything. We have two early-twenties ex interns who really know how to serve people, we have an experienced high-tech plastics plant operator with a great testimony, we have a young couple just married a year, who already serve our church in youth leadership. We also have a prison guard with a Christlike heart who makes unbelievable butter tarts and a pastor who built a deck this summer all by himself! We are ready to serve. More to come next week!!!

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