I am having such a wonderful time in Haiti. God is teaching me so much, and making me want to learn so much more! I have spent a lot of my free time reading healthcare books in the main room downstairs. I wish I was finished University already so that I could help some people. I think it was Saturday that we were at the beach and I saw a lady there selling some kind of fruit. She had this large lump on her throat which could be many things I am sure, but I read about one cause the day before...lack of Iodine in the diet, which causes the thyroid to get massive. So ideally if she ate iodized salt it would shrink and go away! I was pretty happy I could recognize something like that. 
I am making so many friends! Its wonderful and sad. I know I will miss them so much. I once again have fallen in love with Haiti and the Haitian People. I wish I could just live here, but I need to be able to offer some service to them before I consider living here I guess. I am hoping that it is in Gods will for me to return to Haiti for a longer period of time. 
All victory is Gods! We had a slight situation at the last portion of the wall, but after a few days of seemingly heated discussion and prayer God won. 
"lift up your voices with all creation! Declare his goodness to every nation! Release the anthem of heaven here on Earth!"
I cannot stop thanking God for what his is doing through Haiti Arise. Thank you Mark and LIsa and everyone else for listening to Gods call!
I miss you all in Canada! But I would rather you join us in Haiti then me return to Canada! Hahaha :D 
I am planning on learning languages as a new hobby. It will be a challenge, but very rewarding. 
Orevwa mezanmis! XD

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