Pastor Wade is here at Haiti Arise, him and his wife joined our team....  Today Wade chased me with a cockroach, put a hugh spider down in front of me just to laugh at my reaction (the spider was dead thankfully, but he still got a good reaction!),  And tried to scare me with another hugh spider over at the work site... talk about bugs!!  

I have to mention that we've found a metallic blue beetle with yellow dots, and a shiny metallic orange beetle with green dots... those were cool.  Seen ants carrying a cockroach up the stairs today.

Went to the beach on Sat evening and was blown away by the awesome underwater world. There's a corral reef right in the beach, and the tropical fish everywhere!  The fish were all colors and types and the anemones  are so cool.  I spent 3 hours floating around in the warm Caribbean waters starring at the beauty and the uniqueness of that very special place. I found a gorgeous shell on the ocean floor too.  Zach got stung by a black, prickly sea urchin.  And one of the black fish kept coming after me like it was trying to bite me, when I tried to touch one of the anemones that look just like the one on "Nemo"! I touched something else too that looked like a sponge, but it felt sticky and like it was trying to cling unto my finger.  Very cool. So different too, the water in the ocean is very warm, and the water we shower in is cold... well somewhat cold anyway!!  

I'm having a good time, I'm enjoying the team, the work, the culture, the environment, and the people.  Church here is awesome and has some amazing testimonies. Last night a young person preached the sermon, and he's one of the people Mark led to God in 2004.  And wow, what a sermon... when you think you can't do something, God will help you.  God is not interested in you for what you can't do, but He is interested in you for what He can do through you, all you have to do is be open to Him and let Him.  It's interesting to hear the Haitians too singing and praising God in different words, but still to the same God we serve in Canada.  I even recognized one song they sang, it was, "I'd rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today" And to hear the hallelujah's ring out under the Mango trees as they sang was very uplifting. 

We went out into the community and did some home visiting and praying with people today after work was done. It was an experience to remember... one lady even chased us down on the street and wanted us to pray for her there. Another little boy walked along beside us until we went to his house to pray with his mamma.  The needs were the needs of a broken people searching for reassurance and healing from a God who is always faithful. God still saves, keeps and satisfies.  We are helping to build God's church here, physically and spiritually, and the knowledge of that is overwhelming and satisfying.  

Even through the battle of completing the wall, it's awesome to see God fulfilling his promise of "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..."  Praise the Lord!

Pastor Mark and Lisa shared both of their stories with us tonight during debriefing, God is so amazing.  They have an awesome history and vision to share.  I hope someday they will be able to bring their testimonies to Labrador.

I love you, and I miss you Nathan and Noah very much, and you too mommy.  I had to hand wash some clothes and let me tell you I'm not as good at it as the ladies here are! Noah I'm so happy that you're getting stickers in school, I'll be home soon and you can show me all of them then. :D