John blogging--- One of the interesting things about life here in Haiti is that at any moment you could hear the russle  of leaves and a bang (like a gun shot) or  a thud. the bang is a Mango hitting a tin roof--- the thud is when it hits the ground. If you don,t find the Mango right away , insects will get and spoil it within hours.  

   We had a very different morning. Most of us worked on pouring cement onto rebar and in a mold for the roof of a house. There was at least 20 people working together . From mixing cement from scratch (not premix) , filling 5 gallon pails, chaining it up a ladder onto the roof and dumping it into place. What a mess! Many wrecked their clothes and a few of us got skin iritations from the lime.

    I didn,t work with the cement today, when I saw the many people I left to go work with wood on the church project. When I got there they were already placing tin on the left side of the roof, and after watching the progress for a few minutes the foreman put a skillsaw in my hand to cut the tails off the rafters for the right side. When that was complete it wasn,t  long before I was put in charge of finishing the front of the stage. It was quite a challenge because we had to scavenge wood from the scrap pile and make it look good. At times Iworked with Haitians that knew some English other times I had to resort to what little French I know to communicate. We had lots of fun , ate lunch together out at the church site and worked steady in the Sonshine. Most of these church builders are volunteers and only a couple are carpenters. The other day I

made a fun comparison.---Creole is to French what Newfonease is to English.

  Oh!......rejoice.....  there was some progress at the wall. I,ll let Dave explain..


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