John blogging--Writing this blog is an equivalent to working on the wall this past few days. Work on completing and after an attempted posting ,you find it has to be re worked and redone. So there are changes.

  we set in 12 posts on Wednesday , so happy every last post was in to complete the wall. Well that night it was sabotaged.10 out of the 12 posts had to be dug up ,replaced by new posts. Not so easy ! Half the wall was redirected as an appeasement with the disgruntled neighbour , who was responsible for the damage. 6 new holes had to be dug. at the end of that productive long day on Friday we found out the deal with the neighbour had fallen through since he wanted  way to much money for the 6x 20 ft piece of land. So now those holes are redundant and we are back on the old path with old holes to redig. whew! forgiveness, grace, strength, patience , endurance,just to name a few of the things we need God to work deeper into us and the situation. Hopefully God will bring some good out of this. During that day we discovered some fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.,small lizards and their eggs, a 3 inch taranchula (that didn,t live much longer) a 6 inch centipede with pinchers  and a land crab (weird since we are 5 km from the ocean).

   On thursday we had some opportunity to work on the church along with some Haitian  men and women .During that time Dave had a blow out...Oops! ...ripped his pants .Emily was just the day before. Also on Thursday morning the Bobcat got a second flat. I,m glad to say that trend has been broken., we,ve been good for the last two days. Today ,Saturday is a relaxing day for most of us., a couple of us can still push their aching bodies onward.  It was to the market in the morning, and to the beach this afternoon. My numb hands are even bothering me while i type this , and I,m sure the others have similiar aches and pains. So please pray for our situation and our continual fellowship while working alongside our Haitian friends.  Oh and i did have a blurb about that in my first attempts at this blog.....its wonderful working and learning language and joking around as we work hard side by side.