Vernon here:  Well we had the posts all done. 10 out of 12 got broken.  A H aitian thought we were on his land, so Mark had to get it surveyed and found out we are not close and we could go around the small fence on his land for 1500 Haitian dollars.  So today we took out 6 posts and dug 6 more holes.  We put 4 posts in and then we found out at supper the man now wants 1500 US dollars.  So Monday we have to go back and fill in the holes we dug today and dig out 6 old posts and one post on a brick wall.  So we dig to redig.  This is the last bit of wall and we think the devil is fighting it but God will win.  

 Some of us worked on building the church on Thursday waiting for decision on the wall.  The church  is about half done.  I think I will help on Saturday while  the rest are going to the market.  The team is getting along good.  There was one blog that John and David did. We think it got lost-- so maybe in the next couple of  days they will reblog.  

 Its warm in the sun.