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Thank you everyone for your comments, I was really surprised to see any for me, since mom is the only one I gave the email address too!  Yep, you guessed it Belit... Bobcat # 2 is my new nickname!  How did you ever guess?!!!  Well we've had some ups and downs but it's all very fulfilling work we're doing here.  There's aches and pains and blisters and Vernon strained his arm today, but no one's complaining.  Compared to the trials and the troubles in the lives of the people around us it seems very trival.  There's poverty, hunger, sadness and despair everywhere you look.  Please pray especially for the family of a little girl who got electrocuted just a couple of days ago, and for a little boy who has a hole in his heart and doctors here have said there's nothing else to be done.  Please pray for the families who ask us to take their children and keep them so that they can have a better chance in life, and for the children who ask us for food, because they're hungry, and the children and youth who ask us to sponsor them for school cause they want to eat the rice and beans that are provided and get a uniform to wear, when that may be all the clothes that they will own.  Pray for us, that God will give us strength, wisdom, and guidance in fighting the spiritual battle that is raging here.  Pray that God will make his will known to us and that we will have the courage to fight for the lives of these beautiful people.  

OK.. the bugs... whoa!  Saw another tarantula  today, it was bigger but still not as big as a dinner plate, like the one they saw here in the compound where we sleep just a couple of weeks ago.  Today while tearing down the remnants of a brick wall so we could dig more holes, we found a lizard nest (with a momma, baby, and eggs still not hatched), a colony of fire ants, and a centipede family.  The momma centipede (well, some sort of centipede!), was very gross, aggressive and fast... even the Haitian men we were working along side of were scared of it.  It has a nasty bite apparently, but God protected us all from it. This was all in the same wall we were all sitting on for breaks on the day before!  Wade showed me some of the cockroaches that were nesting in the kitchen cupboard.  Vernon almost killed me when he sneaked up behind me and touched my back at the same moment Wade showed me the Roaches.... ewe!  Yep I screamed and everyone laughed and Wade, bless his heart gave me a hug... Thanks Wade!  In case I never told you already, we found a crab living in a hole we were digging for the fence posts!  and we are 2 1/2 kms from the beach!  Yesterday we saw some type of a scorpion too, the place is wild and tropical.  Fruit trees are everywhere... Banana, Mango, Avocado, Citrus, Pineapple, Coconut.... !   Some of the team went to the beach yesterday, and the rest of us stayed back to work on the church, which they are holping to have completed enough to be usable for Sunday.  I hear the coral reefs are beautiful and awesome, maybe tomorrow I'll get to go check it out!

The people on this team all have amazing stories of the power of prayer through adversity in their lives, and a willingness to let God use them.  Each one contributes  to the work of God through this team in their own special way.  I thank God that he's allowed me to meet these special people and be a part of this experience... for God works all things together for good according to his purpose...!!  :)



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