Vernon blogging.... We got all of the holes dug and the posts put in praise the Lord.
It's a great group of pepole to work with. Like always we have to redig some of the holes. We have a lady on the team-- we should name her bobcat # 2.  She never quits.  the last three holes we had to wheel barrow the cement from compound to the site because we had two blow outs today one tire on the bobcat,  and one on Emily pants blow out.
The Haitions took down the old church and are building a new wooden one this week --maybe  for Sunday.
The Church will be bigger to hold more pepole. They are building a wooden floor in it and it will be one 1/4 turn platform against the wall  
Every one is doing well so far. They are all very tired tonight.  The heat has played them all out. No one else will blog tonight --maybe tomorow.

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