Tuesday:   Well this is Vernon blogging. We went to the south west corner of the wall and got the posts dug and cemented in and moved to the north east corner and got setup, so we can dig the holes tomorrow.  
At seven oclock tonight we had to unload a truck of cement blocks. There were about 1000.  The Canadians made a "Haitian"  line.  So far all is going good.
Vicki - Seen a baby tarantella  while preparing to dig some holes for the wall. It was only just a bit bigger than a toonie!!!  It moves fast though!  Saw another spider too, with about a 3 inch leg span - crazy!! :S   Emily got bitten by a red ant; lots of them around, but neither one bit me yet!  
This place is amazing, the people here are so tough, very resourceful, and friendly.  And there's so many of them all living in crowded quarters.  The beauty of the land alone is amazing, but combine that with the stark contrast of the poverty and devastation, it's too overwhelming for words.  
Thank you back home for all your prayers.  I miss you and love you Nathan and Noah very much - I wish I could show you just a small part of this world, that is so totally different from our own.