I'm on my flight back from haiti and i would like to give a big thanks to Haiti Arise for the hospitality they have shown our group! The food was great and we as a team are very thankful for the work that the kitchen ladies do. I would like to personally thank Wade and Marilyn for the job that they are doing they are a very great couple and i enjoyed getting to know them a little bit. I would also like to thank Marc and Lisa for allowing us to come and serve on the wall, although we may have sweat more than we thought physically possible, i know for myself i got more out of the trip than they could have ever got out of my work. It was my second time to Haiti Arise and it was another great experience, i really hope to be back soon to be building on the children's village. I would like to encourage Marc and Lisa and just say the vision that they shared with us the other night is awesome to hear and i know our prayers will be with them. I would also like to thank the other people on the team I appreciate all your guys hard work and it made it easier for myself to work hard seeing so many of you working yourself so hard. The guys that dug holes (Steve E, Jeremy, Jonathan, Mitch) you may have thought it was thankless but your guys work was very appreciated by me and the rest of the team! Joe, Bruce, Steve T. I really enjoyed working with you guys and getting to know Bazoo with you. I'm especially thankful for joe lifting those posts would have been impossible without you so thanks!! A big thanks to the panel crew Pastor Steve, Marshall, Jay and Graham you guys actually made it look like a wall so it was awesome and i'm thankful for your guys work especially when our posts weren't perfect! Finally to Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Angie we are thankful for you ladies being on the team you did more then you think you did. You did awesome priming the medical clinic, mixing cement, digging post holes, and might have done good at sneaking off to the beach early one day…just kidding. a special thanks to Elizabeth for leading our teams debriefing every night and speaking in church both messages were awesome. I really enjoyed seeing God use the gift of prophecy through you it gave me a totally different opinion on prophecy so thank you! I guess there's only one thing to say, I just want you guys to know you are Really Really Awesome!!! Damen