Yesterday was very productive. We got 150 ft of fence complete. That's 28 posts and panels. We also have rounded the corner where the famous dispute has been over the last while. There is a 3 ft easement left outside the wall for people to walk through. Everyone's been working really hard.

We also had an amazing church service last night. The worship was through the roof. I even knew a couple of the songs. Steve Thorne shared a testimony (that's my dad) and Pastor Steve preached.

I got a goat today. Damen and Steve gift a goat to LaPatience.Christoph brought it from the market and my dad and I went to take it to a woman named LaPatience. She was in a motorcycle accident last June, broke both her legs. She's pretty frail still and has a cast on one leg. She was very happy to receive the goat. That was really cool. Our translator, Olrich, expressed how neat that was and that he liked seeing people in need receive help. it has been neat for some of us too who sponsor kids, to be able to give them gifts and meet our kids. It makes my day.

Angie, Stephanie and Pastor Elizabeth paint the medical clinic.Everyone is feeling better. There were a couple days that Bruce wasn't good, then Marshall and Pastor Steve. But everyone's back on their feet. A few went to the market this morning and bought a pop. The girls worked on painting a primer coat on the medical clinic and are hoping to start painting tomorrow. And, yeah, that's pretty much it for today so far. The Internet has been slow at night, so we couldn't post yesterday. Sorry, mom. Im sure you were probably waiting for it. We are still alive, don't worry.

Signing off- Damen