Praise God! Marc had favor in his meeting and they promised to stop the trouble.  The wall crew encountered some discouraging set backs this morning, but worked like troopers and got 20 posts in on the troubled side.  The ladies are mixing cement and painting the medical building and doing water runs as much as possible for the awesome crew sweating it out. The panels are in on the other part of the wall and everyone is getting into a good system.  Marshall did an amazing job of worship for devotions and sent us all out on the right track.  The Haitians are also enjoying him and calling him big Marcel. Both the Haitians and team members missed Bruce this afternoon as he was not feeling well.  We are believing he will be fully recovered tomorrow and back to helping us communicate with his newly learned Creole. We are all enjoying opportunities to interact with the Hatians and looking forward to a good productive day for Jesus tomorrow.