Hi. Pastor Steve's (from Cornerstone, Saskatoon) team started the day off extra early; showed up one hour early for devotions not realizing it was 5:30; Elizabeth was incredibly impressed with the spiritual passion from the team although the devotions still started on time at 6:30. We had a great day sweating in the sun. We dug post holes, poured cement and set posts. We are tired after the first day of work not quite used to the heat but that will come! After a slow start in the morning we picked up pace and actually had something to really look at by the end of the day. The bobcat is fully operational again thanks to the Haitian mechanic, Mitch, Jonathan and Steve Thorne (for bringing bobcat parts and Mitch for lending a hand to the Haitian.) The team has really bonded quickly and is very motivated to get "nehemiah's'" wall complete. This was totally evident in the amount of work done on the first day and the vision many of the team members shared this evening after debriefing on the roof. Elizabeth would like to thank Angie for warning her about the tarantula about to crawl up her leg. Many of the team members are already excited about making connections with the Haitian people and ready for another awesome day working on the wall! We ended the day with a swim in the ocean...concluded by a long walk in the dark back to the Haiti Arise compound.

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