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HFL Medical Team

Welcome to Hungry for Life 2014.  We are excited to have them for two weeks for a clinic.  They are a great group of hard working people. Haiti ARISE is blessed to be partners with them.

They invite you to follow their blog.....



Getting Ready with Tracey Stover Minke

Tracy Stover Minke from CrossRoads Church, Red Deer writes:

Our Blog is down but here is today's update from Haiti:
Today was as great day! It began with a beautiful cool morning. I went on the roof and enjoyed the light breeze, birds chirping, random animal sounds and voices below. Stunning! After breakfast a large group of us headed out for a tour of the Haiti Arise ministries. We started with the main campus with the primary school, then the new Technical School which included the newest buildings which are 3 shop classrooms. We then headed to the church and the clinic. Each and every one of these was well maintained and well stocked and in prime condition for the upcoming Grand Opening.

We then headed across the street to the Children’s Village, then through the village to the Goat Farm. At the end of the tour we felt privileged to be able to witness such amazing work and transformation.

After lunch we were given the opportunity to go to the beach. Many of us walked the 30 minutes through the village to the beach and had a swim and a few bites of fresh caught and cooked lobster. Charlene decided to stay back and get put to work. One of her major tasks was moving chairs for tomorrow night’s Gala. She is a true servant and ready to work in any way needed!

The atmosphere around here is amazing. Everything is looking beautiful! In prep for the opening there have been many flowers, plants, paintings being added along with significant cleaning, repairs, etc.

This evening we went to church where the night was spent praying and preparing before the Lord for the next couple of days’ events. We all pray that everything will come together as planned and more than anything that God’s presence will be felt during the special events.

Here is what is coming up the next few days:
Wednesday 12th- Gala night! Entertainment presented by a well-known Haitian comedian Ton-ton Bicha translated as ‘Uncle Bishop’, a great gospel choir, rumors of a dance party!

Thursday 13th- Official Grand Opening Ceremony at 10am with multiple government dignitaries and local officials, reception to follow with many speeches (including Pastor Tracy) and official activities.

Please join us as we pray

Tracey & Charlene in a tech school classroom.Murals being painted at entrance of Haiti ARISE.Kids in Haiti ARISE Elementary School


Team Blog

Check out the team blog for Cornerstone Church Team: 


A New Year.....Welcome Teams

Yesterday, we welcomed our first teams of the new year......

                                    Cornerstone Team from Saskatoon, SK














               Rocky Mountain House Alliance Team

Laurens and Louisa also arrived for one month with the teams.  They are here to work on plans for the Goat Farm and do some follow up on the Agriculture program that they spent 10 weeks teaching this past winter.




Rocky Alliance: Final Thoughts from DFW

As the experience in Haiti was coming to an end, we wanted to share a quick, final words of what we thought about this trip while we were waiting for a flight at Dallas. These are the words from our team members:

Gord:  Left Haiti Arise at 4:30 am, what an incredible 9 days of seeing God answer prayer, move in incredible ways and the whole team accomplishing soooo much in terms of faithfully serving God in the opportunities we had to serve.

Ben K:  Amazing ministry that I’ve never been experienced before. Feels like as if we were in a hot tub, and just as when we were getting used to water, we were kicked out of the water. :(

Ruth: It was great to see the part of the vision of Haiti Arise becoming sight. Especially the clinic up and running by local Haitians. Technical school up and running.

Joyce:  God is doing incredible things through willing people.  I am so impressed with the Haitian staff at Haiti Arise and their vision for what the future can bring.  I feel honored and humbled to have been a part of their vision and pray that the things we were able to do will be used to further their work.

Dan: It was nice not to think about work for the last 10 days.  What next?  Not sure but there are a lot of opportunities to make a positive impact on their life rather than the rat race of material gain.

Benjamin A: Despite how much I am already missing Haiti, I am excited for the plans God has for me back home.  I am truly so thankful for all that God has taught me and how he is continuing to teach me how to bring glory to his kingdom. 

Graham:  The last day was a bit down for me, partly feeling like I missed some things that could have happened in Haiti and part grieving having to leave.  But God is so good.  He allowed me to share my story with the gal beside me on our last flight and it was clearly evident it was God ordained.  All is redeemed now.

Tannis: God has poured out blessings on us this week…I think of all the stretching, exhilarating, fatiguing, delightful, prayerful times and I marvel how God is responsive and speaks to each one of us, uniquely, when he doesn’t have to compete with distractions.  Thank you to all who prayed…God heard!!

Doug:  It is such a pleasure to be able to serve in a place where God has so obviously blessed the vision and leadership of Marc and Lisa.  I have learned a lot about letting God work through our willingness serve.  Great team to spend time with and nice to be warm (I am looking forward to not sweating just brushing my teeth!).

Gene: The last nine days has been people putting hands and feet to the gospel. It’s been great to see teams from two different churches in two different countries, come together in an effort to minister to the needs of the people of Haiti. What a pleasure to have spent 9 days with two great teams.