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"Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as day."

Isaiah 58:10

Primary School


College Le Renouveau D’Haiti, translated The Renewal of Haiti Academy, was birthed in exhilaration after the January 12 earthquake to meet the need for free schooling after so many schools were destroyed, and to provide a place for young learners to receive excellent education. The next generation are Haiti’s leaders of tomorrow and we want to provide a strong hope for their future through Christian education.


The school is currently being held in a temporary wood and tin structure, housing seven classrooms from pre-school to grade 4. There are plans being developed to construct six two-sided, two-storied classrooms on the second campus along with the church and a sports arena, which is situated  closer to the main road and central to a larger community area. Construction of these classes, we hoped to begin in 2012, but until then two more temporary classes and a depot were added onto the existing structure for the addition of 5th & 6th grade and to split the pre-school classes that are over 30 students. A lunch room, resource/ library and depot are also being added for the year 2012-2013.


Current operations

The Renewal of Haiti Academy opened in Oct 2010 with 210 students, which provided many underprivileged children the opportunity to go to school. For it's second year of operations, enrollment was 300 students, grades pre-school to 5th. There is a Haitian staff of 2 directors, 1 assistant of curriculum, 9 teachers, 2 student aids, 3 maintenance & recess workers, and 3 cooks. The first year of operations was covered by Disaster Relief funds, as the opening of the school was in response to the increased educational needs after the earthquake. For the second year and now heading into the third year, we have been working to get students sponsored to cover the costs of paying the school staff and materials. Parents pay a minimal entry fee of $12 US a year, plus provide uniform and books (when possible) for their child to attend school. There are some families that cannot even provide these essentials. The school helps subsidize students when needed. Students are learning the basics in reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as French, English, art, music and sports. The third year of operations, we have added 6th grade and have an enrollment of 350 students.

We plan to begin the construction of the first permanent elementary school building on the South Campus property in the new year of 2013.


For further info, you can click on the downloadable PDF of the Elementary School Project Proposal

Elementary School Expansion Report- April 2011