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"Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as day."

Isaiah 58:10

Pray for Us

A tremendous opportunity for your involvement is in the area of prayer. We are continually seeking individuals, churches and groups that would lift up Haiti ARISE Ministries on a regular basis in prayer. You can keep posted on this page of our current prayer needs, updates on situations and answers to those prayers. You are also welcome to comment and let us know that you are praying for us.


Tech School Grand Opening

We covet your prayers as we prepare for the Grand Opening of our Technical School. Before the 2010 earthquake, we had more than 350 students in many different trades classes. After the earthquake, the reconstruction of our school made it next to impossible to hold regular classes except for in ESL, computers and Bible. We are eagerly looking forward to the re-opening of classes and the start of a greater school for an area of Haiti that has no other technical trade schools functioning.

Please pray for us as we need to raise funds to fully equip our trades classes. Each class varies in needs of $5,000 to $50,000 to fully furnish. We also need to raise $10,000/ month to support new teaching staff and faculty for the technical school. We hope to hire 25 new staff this year 2013-2014.


Pray for Medical Needs

We saw a number of young people through consultation in the past three weeks of clinics that were quite serious. We ask for your prayers for these:

  • Roosevelt & Guito- two young boys, 12 years old, that have serious heart problems and need surgery or a miracle healing.
  • Lucienne- a young girl, 18 years old, that has a severe heart problem too. Her condition has worsened greatly since last spring.
  • Richena- a young girl of 18 who is going blind and is malnourished.

This week we had sudden tragedy happen with a young girl who is a student in our school. She was riding her bike to her aunt's house after school yesterday and her neck was caught on a loose hanging live electrical wire. She was electricuted and killed instantly. Please pray for her family and the community that knew her. The whole school will be attending her funeral in the coming week.


Pray for Medical Team

As the Cranbrook Community Medical Team arrives, we ask for your prayer in these areas:

  • Strength and health for the team.
  • Unity in mind and goals for the team and Haitian staff- the medical team members come from various places, not all Cranbrook, and are from many different backgrounds.
  • Patients will be effectively treated for their needs.
  • Wisdom for the doctors and nurses in handling any serious cases.

We would also ask for your continued prayer for the wall construction on our south campus. Pray for:

  • Team member to confirm for the Nov 20- Dec 3 wall construction team.
  • Completion of the wall with this team, whether it be 5 or 15 members.
  • Peace to surround and fill this land, that people passing by would sense God's presence.

Praises for Victory

Thank you for your prayers concerning the wall in Haiti. We have had some great breakthroughs!So we just want to share praise reports:

  • All those who were causing problems with the wall are now in full support of the vision for the land.
  • They are actually encouraging us now, rather than fighting against us.

Please pray for now:

  • For our November team as they are preparing to leave on the 20th of November, with members from different locations.
  • Complete unity for the team.
  • Continued progress for the wall construction.

Team & Wall

Please pray for:

  • Construction of the wall around 2nd campus to continue without opposition.
  • Workers to have energy and strength to work quickly
  • The rain to not inhibit work
  • Completion of the wall by November 30, 2011
  • People in the community to come to Christ through the testimonies of the team and our workers,