Our Journey

Haiti ARISE (Actively Raising Individuals to Serve and Evangelize) Ministries was founded in 2000 with the purpose of raising up godly leaders for the future of Haiti. Haiti ARISE Ministries is a faith-based humanitarian organization, located in the semi rural outskirts of Grand-Goave in the southwest of the island. 

Haiti ARISE is actively involved in numerous community transformation projects to help the people improve their health, economy, spiritual lives and assist in the material needs of the poor. 

2001- Fundraising was started in Canada

2002- A two-acre building site was purchased in Grand Goave, Haiti.

2003- Building plans and construction began in July with the foundation of the Technical Institute and guesthouse building. The church was also planted with 45 new believers. 

2004- Another two-acre piece of land was purchased in January, making the main campus a total of slightly more than four acres. Construction continued on the school buildings. A temporary tin roof pole shelter was erected for the church. This simple structure has been expanded five times to accommodate the thriving congregation. ESL classes were opened enrolling over 100 students. Monthly rice and clothing distributions were established as a part of the Community Transformation projects. Two wells were drilled on the campus to provide clean water to the community and to the construction projects.

2005- The Technical Institute was opened to the community with agriculture classes and a half-acre community garden was planted. The Technical Institute program developed to offer mechanics, textiles, music, computers and business, continued ESL, and a full two-year carpentry course. Adult literacy classes were held. 

2006- The Education Fund program started to help students with their schooling. 

2007- The Bible College classes opened in the spring. A second church was planted in Tapion with 40 new believers. Our first Annual Pastors Conference was held with over 300 pastors and leaders. 

2008- The first Bible College class of 50 graduated in June, along with the first carpentry students. In the fall, a separate parcel of 2 acres of land was purchased with the plans to establish a small local goat farm in conjunction with the Technical Institute to train local farmers and families in husbandry and healthy dairy consumption. A well was drilled on this land to provide clean water to the community of Chamette. A miraculous provision of another 7-acre parcel of land became available, just adjacent to the existing main campus, for the future construction of our long term goals- a local church/ multi-purpose building, an elementary school and children's village.

2009- The 7-acre parcel of land was paid off, and plans started for development. Residential building for housing teams and volunteers on the main campus was finished, the Technical Institute building finished and a brand new 25-computer lab set up for information technology classes. Cooking classes also started. The Technical Institute and Bible College served 350 students.

Before the January 12, 2010 earthquake, facilities included two water wells, a three-story water tower, a perimeter wall, a septic system, a trade school building with seven classrooms and adjoining storage areas, a lean-to shelter for the church, a garden and a two-story 4200 square feet residence building for housing teams and admin offices. A large community garden helped provide produce to the community.

2010- The January 12 earthquake hit. The impact of the earthquake caused extensive damage, including the collapse of the water tower, total perimeter wall & goat farm land wall and severe damage to the main floor of the Technical Institute. The school had to be demolished just one month after it’s completion and after 7 years of construction. The perimeter wall was rebuilt in 3 months, the water system repaired and collapsed water tower debris cleaned up.  In response to the overwhelming needs magnified by the  earthquake, a temporary seven-classroom elementary school was built on the existing property and elementary classes opened in Oct 2010.  Construction of a Medical Clinic also began in the fall of 2010.  New engineering designs were made for the reconstruction of the Technical Institute. 

Plans for the South Campus property were drawn up including 2 water wells, sports grounds, gardens, a multi-purpose church building, a primary & secondary school, and a children's village with family-style homes for orphans and rescued restaveks (child slaves). 

2011- The wall around the new 7-acre land (South Campus) was built. New construction of Technical Institute was started; ten community wells drilled in various areas. The local church shelter was re-built to accomodate our growing and thriving congregation and has now grown to over 500 members, and the Tapion church had grown to over 200. Haiti ARISE acquired a third church in the mountain village of DuFort.

2012- The medical clinic building finished and opened for full time operations in October 2012, with 6 new Haitian staff. The elementary school classes expanded to include up to grade 6 with over 350 students. The new Technical & Professional School reconstruction of Phase 1 of the building was well underway. Wall around the goat farm property was rebuilt. 

2013- Construction of the Technical & Professional School building was completed and furnishings to equip the classes were purchased. Classes re-opened with 500 students in electricity, plumbing, tiling, construction, computers, English, Bible and business. A brand new state of the art computer lab was installed with 25 laptops. Construction of the Children's village duplexes one and two out of six were started. 

2014- Technical school shops were constructed and a container of tools and equipment shipped to stock the classes. A new generator was purchased and installed for the Main Campus to run the technical school, church and medical clinic. A steering committee was established for the development of the goat farm project. The construction of the children's village continued, with plans to open in the new year with the first two buildings. The church hosted our first Annual Youth Conference with over 800 young people from all over the country. The Grand Opening Inauguration ceremony of the Technical & Professional School and Friends Helping Friends Health Centre were celebrated in November. 


2015- The Elementary School expanded to 450 children from pre-school to grade 6, additional classrooms constructed including a depot for library books. A tools depot was opened to organize and inventory tools for the Technical School shops. Classes in mechanics, sewing, information technology were added to the Technical & Professional School classes. Construction for the permanent elementary school building started on the South Campus property. The Goat Farm opened for full time operations in November with 15 goats, barns & feed lot paddocks. Haiti ARISE staff expanded to 90 full time employees. The local church began in country mission trips to Du Fort & Camp Perrin.

2016- A generator & solar power system was purchased and installed for the South Campus. The first home in Arise Children's Village opened with house parents and the first orphans received.  Construction continues on the elementary school building. The church continues to expand affiliation with churches in Jacmel, Port Au Prince, Les Cayes, and Port Salut, expanding our influence across the country.

our future

Haiti ARISE is continually looking forward to accomplish the vision laid out before us, as well as be open to God's direction as He enlarges our territory. Our future endeavors include:

  • Justice assistance office to aid prisoners with no representation
  • community business development including a bakery
  • expansion of the elementary school to middle & high school
  • additional guest housing construction for long term missionaries off campus
  • construction of duplex and quadplexes for the children's village
  • development of beachfront property for hotel & hospitality services training 
  • construction of administration buildings
  • construction of church building
  • construction of dormitories for technical school students
  • expand affiliations with churches & ministries in other areas

Here are the complete plans for the South Campus property.