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Give a gift, or choose gifts to honor loved one.

You can select gifts that especially touch your heart or relate to a friend or family member's interests. Educate a child for a year in honor of a teacher in your life. Or start a goat herd or orchard to celebrate the farmer in your family.

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If you are giving in honor of a loved one, they will  appreciate learning about the gift that was given in their name,  from the gift card they'll receive. You can download your gift card right away to print, or request it  be emailed. If you are just giving a gift yourself and don't need a gift card, just choose "no card, thank you".

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Your gifts will go to those who need them most.

We will ensure that your gift will go towards the program or project structured to deliver your gift. Haitians live in a country where unemployment is 70%, literacy rate is 35% and most live off of $2 US a day. Your gift will make an impact!


See reports to know how gift has changed lives.

In a few months, you can follow along to find encouraging reports about how your gift has helped.

Soccer Uniforms- $20

The favorite, most played sport in Haiti is soccer, because usually all they need to play is a ball and an open space. But some get really good and can then compete as a team against other teams. Haiti ARISE has a school soccer program and a boy's soccer club that needs uniforms for games. You can give the gift of sport with a uniform. 


Shoes- $10

A pair of shoes can save someone's feet from abrasions, insect bites, parasites and aches. You can help by giving a gift of a pair of shoes. We distribution shoes through our clinic, elementary school, church and home evangelism programs.

*You can also buy this as a gift for your sponsor student.

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Community Transformation- Clothing Distribution

Share in Rice Distribution-$150

In a country like Haiti, food is scarce and expensive, making it difficult for many families to survive on the average $2/day wages. Haiti ARISE's feeding program regularly distributes rice or other food items to the community, church, widows and local prison. A food distribution can cost between $500-$3000, depending on the recipients. Your share of $150 in a rice distribution will help feed 30 or more people. 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Community Transformation-Food Distribution

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Share in Pastor's Conference- $250

Each year, Haiti ARISE hosts a Pastor's Conference, serving up to 600 leaders and pastors with 3 days of training in the Word and leadership and providing 3 meals a day. You can help finance our conferences by participating in a share to help cover the costs. 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Pastor's Conference

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Sponsor a Missionary for a month-$100

Maybe you cannot travel, but you can help support a missionary to do so and enable them to do the work of the ministry with Haiti ARISE. It costs about $400/month for a missionary to serve in Haiti, an amount they have to raise. Be a part of what God is doing through them. 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Missionary Support

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School Lunch Program for 1 week-$400

Most children in Haiti only eat one meal a day and usually that is provided when kids are in school. For just $1/student for a week, you can help provide a hot lunch meal by funding our feeding program. 


Buckets for Construction Projects- $10

With the many various construction projects on the go at Haiti ARISE in the development of the community, we go through buckets often. Used for carrying water, hauling rock, measuring sand or pouring concrete, these are a vital tool of any Haitian construction project. You can help equip our Haitian workers by purchasing buckets! 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Construction Projects


It Takes a Village Cookbook- $20

This cookbook has 100's of wonderful recipes, including a special section of Haitian cuisine, straight from the kitchen of Haiti ARISE! When you purchase this cookbook, it will be shipped to you to share as a gift, and in turn you will help support the fundraising efforts of the Children's Village project.

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Children's Village


Micro-Credit Business Start Up-$50

For a very small donation you can provide the supplies and initial training required for a business start-up kit for a market vendor. With the average Haitian daily income of ~$2/day, a small business can make a HUGE difference in an individual's or family's life.  Help them get started NOW!
And the great thing about this gift is they pay it back to in turn help another vendor, or receive another loan gift.
PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Micro-credit Loans
Which loan would you like to provide?

Tapion Kids Program Supplies- $30

Children's church is a great place Haitian kids learn about God, as well as get to participate in fun games and crafts. They also normally get a gift to take home with them of toys or supplies. You can help sponsor Tapion Children's Church by providing funds for the kids program supplies. 


Baby Care Pack- $25

One in five children die before the age of 5 in Haiti, due to malnutrition. Getting a baby off to a good start is vital to it's survival and development. Provide a young mom with formula, diapers and baby food to help a new baby get off to a good start.
PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Medical Clinic- infant care

Mosquito Nets- $10-$50

According to "Spread the Net", children, with their small bodies and immature immune systems, are particularly vulnerable to severe illness and death. In fact, every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria worldwide.  Malaria-carrying mosquitoes usually bite at night. Sleeping under an insecticide-treated bed net can reduce malaria transmission by at least 50 per cent and mortality, especially in children under five. It only costs $10 to provide a life-saving bed net along with instructionon its use, and $50 for 5 nets for a complete household.
PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Medical Clinic-health care
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Bag of Rice- $30

Many families are malnourished and go without meals in Haiti. This gift of a bag of rice will help supply a foundation of basic daily nutrition and nourishment for a family for a whole month.

*You can also choose to give this as a gift to your sponsor student.

PROGRAM SUPPOTING: Community Transformation-food 

Soccer or Basketball- $10

Community and personal development entail growth in many areas.  As simple a thing as buying a soccerr ball can enable a whole community to develop a sports program and give young Haitians an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons, growing physically and socially in a controlled, competitive team environment.  

*You can buy this as a gift for your sponsor student.

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Elementary school & Soccer Club

Chicken or Rooster- $25

Buying a rooster and hen provides a family with the opportunity to add protein to their diets with valuable eggs and meat.  It also provides them with the ability to lift themselves out of abject poverty by developing a long-term business growing chicks or eggs for sale to others in the community.

*You can buy this as a gift for your sponsor student.

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Agriculture & Husbandry 

Specify your sponsor student:


Gift for Sponsor Student- $20

If you want to give a gift to your sponsor student and don't know exactly what to send or purchase through the gift catalogue, you can send the money for a gift to be purchased here in the local market. We will buy an age and sex-appropriate gift that they will like. 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Education Fund- Sponsor gift

Specify your sponsor student:

Creole Bibles- $15

Give a gift of God's Word, blessing a new believer or someone who cannot afford to buy one themselves, and helping them grow in their spiritual life. With a full box, we are also able to provide pastors Bibles to share with their church people, giving them words of faith, wisdom and God's insights, in their own language with a new French or Creole Bible.
* You can also buy this as a gift for your sponsor student.
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Food for Widows for 1 month-$30

Many elderly Haitians are suffering with no care. There is no system of care for the elderly in Haiti, so they must depend on family or children to take care of them. We have many widows in our community that benefit greatly from a monthly food bundle. You can help provide rice, oil, beans and other staple items to widows. 

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Community Transformation-Widows

Family Food Pack- $35

Many children in Haiti are malnourished and do not have the opportunity to find what they need on their own. You can help a child be cared for to ensure his needs are looked after as a part of Haiti ARISE's feeding program.

*You can also buy this as a gift for your sponsor student.

PROGRAM SUPPORTING: Elementary School- feeding program

Specify if for Sponsor Student