Local Church


Mahanaim Church, meaning "The Camp of God", was established at the very foundations of Haiti ARISE Ministries, with the aim to bring relief of poverty by drawing people into right relationship with God and one another. Central to the heart of the ministry is the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is offered and established by the local church.  


Current operations

As the groundbreaking for the school was happening in 2003, and Marc and Lisa Honorat shared their vision with the surrounding communities of Thozin and Chamette, many people were eager to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and accept Him. In one week, 45 people became Christians and the church was born. Mahanaim Church was originally called The New Church of Thozin, for lack of a better name. It has been a central heartbeat for the community and grown steadily to more than 450 members. The local Haitian eldership team leads regular services and church activities including prayer, worship, baptism and communion. The church also is host for our annual New Years Outreach, MFI Pastors and Leaders Conference, Ladies Conferences, Youth and Children’s Programs.

A part of the vision of the local church is also to plant thriving and dynamic churches in other communities and partner with existing churches that are seeking fellowship through affiliation with Haiti ARISE. In 2005, our second church was planted in the small mountain village of Tapion near Grand-Goave that hosts a vibrant children's program with more than 150 children. In 2009, our first affiliate church joined from the mountain village of DuFou and has grown to a congregation of 200.



For the past 8 years, the church has met under a tin-roof, open shelter on the main campus. It has been expanded five times to accommodate the growth. It cannot be stretched out any further as it is already leaning and would be a danger in a hurricane.

Plans have been developed for a new multi-purpose facility that will house the church as well as be used for the Bible College and primary school. The new construction will be on the second campus, situated closer to the main road and central to a larger community area.

In the meantime, the tin-roof shelter needed to be rebuilt. The church members have been giving faithfully each week toward the building fund for the new church, in faith that their seed, when planted, will produce a harvest 100 fold. With the funds that the church members have been giving, we have constructed a newer temporary structure. See the report below.

Estimated Project Cost: $325,000 US