When you get thrown into the fire, there's rarely warning and the flames burn fast. But if God's presence is there, we can stand and not be burned.  

We just finished our 12th Annual Pastor's Conference and I am certain the enemy did not want it to take place. There were so many obstacles this year to make it happen that we almost thought it wasn't going to. Funding came through at the last minute, we thought we wouldn't have speakers and we thought the Haitian pastors would have difficulty to come due to the challenges of Hurricane Matthew. Yet pastors pressed that the conference must go on. And it was so timely! Pastor Ed Allan was our sole guest speaker and the Word of God was powerful! Just days before the conference, Marc couldn't even stand up, but God rose him up. He even danced! As Marc recovered, fatigue wore me down and I developed a cold and ear infection. Yesterday morning I woke up with no voice. I knew by then all of this was definitely spiritual attack.  Pastor Ed asked me to come up to pray in the morning session and as soon as I did, my voice came! I sang, led a powerful prayer over worship leaders and support leaders. When I stepped back off the stage my voice left again. In the evening, we held open air evangelistic services at the corner park of Carrefour Taino. Last night was so hoppin with dancing, but suddenly my whole right side was hurting and I couldn't breathe without pain. This is ridiculous! I prayed through it and declared that the enemy would not be able to thwart God's plan for these events! And I danced anyway! We sang a song that says, "I won't die yet, I won't die yet! My testimony isn't complete. My life won't finish bad!" Yes! 

What I've figured out is when the onslaught of adversity keeps coming in waves & you don't know why, it doesn't make sense, it's most like enemy attack. God is about to do something incredible and Satan doesn't want it to happen. His schemes are not really that new or tricky, in fact he's not that smart nor as powerful as he takes credit for. His only agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. Well, I'm not going to take it! I will speak, I will dance, the conference went on and it was incredible! And wouldn't you know, the theme of the conference was Overcoming Adversity. We had a number of new leaders that came and many testified the Word spoke to them deeply. One said he was ready to quit the ministry, but now he feels strengthened to keep going. Praise God! Then all the trials are worth it, even if it was just for him. 

Now we're on our way to Cap Haitien with Pastor Ed to do two days of conference with Pritchard & Dana Adams. They've been in ministry in Haiti over 30 years, raised their family here and have a thriving ministry called Rehoboth. 

I'm glad we're not quitters. What would we do if we quit? Just stay in bed? sorry, not me. 


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