Finally getting some rest! After an amazing 6 hour New Years Eve celebration service with lots of dancing, and Sunday morning praise service complete with gifts for the ten people who invited the most friends to church (the top one invited 52!) and a rice distribution, we're finally having some good rest and relaxation. But first, I gotta testify of God's greatness! In the New Years Eve service everyone prayed for Marc, having Asher stand in his place and the men of the church circled around him, declaring that he would not take this herniated disc into 2017! And guess what? Sunday morning, Marc woke with the pain almost gone! He attended church, still being careful to walk gingerly, but able to praise and dance. Later in the afternoon he did a full workout, even sweating as he stretched and exercised. God is so good! We both had a wonderful 4 hour afternoon nap and today we've dedicated to our Sweet Spot, Taino Beach. Love it! There's something rejuvenating about the ocean waves slamming against your back. And the kids are free to explore and make as much noise as they want. The salt air nourishingly clings to my hair and skin like the hug of a glove. 

I think 2017 will be a year of miracles! Another one is that Vladimir, the young man who lives with, actually came with us today to the beach! I think it's his first time ever!  Next up is lobster, fish & fried plantains with spicy coleslaw. It can't get any better than this. A great way to start the new year, and I'm already feeling stronger.