Super excited to share this post with you all. Though I am no longer physically on the ground in Haiti now, the team that replaced me is doing a fantastic job. My heart leapt and joy flooded me again as I lived the images Tammy Love, one of our missionary team members, forwarded on to me of the work started in the south of Port Salut. With a multi-skilled crew of 28 people, including 10 missionaries & 3 Haitian work crews of carpenters and block layers, they built 10 homes in 4 days!

The area they tackled first was one of the worst spots that we had visited the previous week, along the oceanfront, aside the marketplace. The homes that had been there before were nothing but a tattered mess of debris. At first glance when we had stopped there to interview passersby, we had thought it was all debris that had been washed in from the ocean, but upon hearing their stories we learned they had actually been homes that lined the market street.  These were homes of the poorest in the area, those who would have no hope of rebuilding a home themselves. 

So you can imagine the rejoicing when the crews showed up to start construction! In fact, the community all got to work cleaning the area and preparing the pads where the homes were to go up. I am so proud of my husband, the fearless leader of the crews, and the wonderful crew of young men that have been giving themselves tirelessly to help victims of this hurricane, and the amazing missionaries we have hosted these past six weeks to come work alongside us. THANK YOU ALL! 

Here is a short report from Marc while in Port Salut:

"We are back in the south, Port Salut to continue with our reconstruction project. It is going really well. In four days ten houses built. The community is changing and the people's hope is very high. They are living in a very difficult situation! We hope to continue with this wonderful project as it is making a real difference into their lives. Our desire is to build 200 homes in six months. The devastation is very eminent here. One of the community we are working with took me to visit some different places past Port Salut today. I could not believe my eyes what I was looking at. Total devastation of communities, homes, trees,..etc. It is absolutely heart breaking to see the condition the people are living in. Here is what we are doing and how it looks like a month after Hurricane Matthew. Thank you for your support and please help us to build some 200 homes for the families in the next six months."

Each home costs us only $1,000! You can help us get families back into safe homes by helping support this project. Visit our website to donate and mention "Hurricane Shelter Homes".