So I have been back home in Airdrie now for 5 days and I am still finding it difficult to adjust back to life here. The pace and rhythm of activity gives me a headache, as does the change in climate and atmosphere pressure. The cold weather here does not relax me, rather it makes me want to curl up into myself and not come out. It tenses my muscles and makes the hair on my legs grow back way too fast. And to add the cream on top, my children have been sick with fever, colds and all night vomiting. I am striving very much to obey the Lord's voice and try to hear Him better, "Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage. And He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord." I am trying to calm my nerves and the high pressure expectation that I feel our culture puts on us to do, achieve, be busy. 

So, sometimes, I find myself making comparisons between my two lives- Haiti and Canada- to try to help me cope and count my blessings on either side. Here are a few:


  • there is always a bug on you
  • no need to make any efforts at beauty, because the humid quickly circumvents those efforts
  • chocolate is hard to come by, unless you like the kind that has melted or taken on strange smells like Lysol
  • skirts are much more comfortable
  • by 9am I want to strip of any unnecessary clothing
  • taking leisurely walks through the community is an interactive event
  • don't wear watches, bracelets or jewelry unless you want it pulled from your limb 
  • afternoon and evening entertainment is joking around under the mango tree with others
  • to have a visit with a friend, just drop by or meet in the street
  • finding purpose in helping others comes to you


  • there is very little evidence that bugs exist
  • there is way too much time and temptation to be concerned with beauty & play the compare game
  • I can easily access chocolate, Starbucks and other luxury necessities 
  • jeans are much more comfortable
  • by 9am I want to bundle up in the warmest possible sweater and fleece socks til I am sweating
  • taking walks must be brisk with little to no interaction with others just to stay warm
  • wear as much jewelry as possible to get my bling fix
  • afternoon and evening entertainment is cleaning my house
  • to have a visit with a friend, make an appointment at least a week in advance
  • finding purpose in helping others must be pursued