Today the 'Dream Team' is heading southwest to Jeremie to reassessments and determine what areas to send out work crews first next week. At first we're encouraged to see regrowth already of banana trees sprouting and trees starting to re-flower even though there's no fruit and won't be for a long time. As soon as we reached Cavallion before Les Cayes, the drastic effects of the hurricane just keep getting worse as we head farther west. Lots of people are making efforts to repair their own roofs and you can see new shimmering tin all throughout the valleys.

But then there are some communities where homes made from local natural materials have completely blown or washed away.And the sad part is there is very little evidence of any foreign aid in these communities, save for a few tens of tarps and tents. We're almost to Jeremie and we've only seen 5 NGO vehicles and 10 UN trucks. More than 50 churches & schools are completely uncovered with little hope of being covered until the people's homes can be repaired, which means kids are not back in school in these areas. One huge hospital has been totally laid bare, leaving its area without healthcare. Friends, Don't forget Haiti. She still needs you. The landscape is breathtaking, the people are incredibly resilient and still have smiles on their faces as they strive to endure. But I fear they can't do it alone. 


Makes us all sincerely grateful for the simple things. Our egg sandwiches, apples and Ramen noodles packed for lunch is a good thing. The Superstar Store we normally stop at in Les Cayes now has bare shelves and no power. We're enjoying the trip so far, good spirits despite the tragedy we see. We're hopeful for those we anticipate helping in the coming weeks. Looks like we'll continue to repair roofs while also build new houses.


Please help! For just $200 US you can help us put on a new roof and for $1,000 US we can build a small home. Donate at

For video and photos, check our FB page Lisa Honorat. I can't get them to post on the blog w the limited internet. FB is free in Haiti though.