Internet has skipped out. I couldn't post yesterday so I'm using my phone's data. Yesterday we built our first prototype home for affordable solutions to build in the southwest. The areas worst hit by the hurricane cannot be easily accessed with large transport trucks for enough materials or space to build solid concrete homes like our EachONE BuildONE homes. So we have a hybrid solution. A 12x16 home, half block walls to protect against the weather and flooding, half wall tin with a solid wood structure and thicker white tin roof to provide quick, dry and cool shelter. These homes should last up to 20 years. Each home will take 200 blocks, 6 bags of cement, 22 sheets of tin, 30 2x4s and 8 labourers for a total cost of $1,000 US. Our plan is to head south tomorrow to select an area for 15 homes, then move to another zone. Our hope is to build 100 homes over the next four months. 

Heres the story of our first recipient. 

I have so many beautiful photos, I'll try to post an album on FB. 

My heart is full. Being in the community and learning the people's stories, seeing their small homes and neater supplies moves me to remember what's really important in life. If you have a bed, food on your table and a family to love around you, be content.