Yep, the most overused noun in our speech, that encompasses so much that it's a gross generalization: stuff. It's usually the response of kids when you ask them what they learned at school today or what did they do? Well, that was today.  

Our day started off with a buzz as the HFL medical  team packed up and moved out, on their way back home. They were whisked away in 3 vehicles piled with 23 members and their return luggage. Te team was a huge blessing to our community and now the house is quiet, with just 'The Dream Team' left; that's what we've deemed our mid-term group. Everyone is a bit wiped out from 3 weeks of non-stop teams and activities, so this eve we all enjoyed a hang out session under the mango tree before church. 

So here's a written recap of the day, or you can scroll down and just watch the video.  

After a hearty fill of Luciana's famous dense Haitian pancakes and seeing the team off, Marilyn, Diane & I set to work in the elementary school, gathering student photos and Christmas colouring pages from our darling pre-school and 1st grade classes. After 3 classrooms and a close collapse to heat exhaustion, we agreed we needed a break. We'll continue tomorrow. We rehydrated and then sorted through remaining items and the totes I brought to pack another 80 hygiene kits. By then, lunch had already caught up with us and we all gathered for the break to exchange everyone's morning happenings. Steve and Marc, t-shirts drenched with sweat, returned from the community where they've begun a new house/shelter prototype of half block, half wood & tin, that will be used next week to build in the southwest areas of Port Salut and be a fraction of the cost of an EachONE BuildINE home. Since those areas are completely wiped out and we cannot get enough mason materials up into the rural areas, we'll be using this style. Paul & Wade had been working on generators and electrical systems and clean up from after the teams. 

My afternoon was spent in meeting with our amazing admin staff in our central office, Francky & Geanne, to touch base, check in on how things have operated over the last five months and how we can make improvements. There's always room for that.  

Church service tonight was a bit sparse, but encouraging nonetheless. Madam Voltaire shared testimony of her daughter, Roselore and her trials with two months of illness with Thyphoid how their family's faith was tested. The pressure of those around them to abandoned their faith and take Roselore to a voodoo priest was strong, but their steadfast trust in God proved stronger. She's on the mend but still needs prayer for her recovery. Their testimony was a segway into Pastor Bazou's messsge of Standing in the Midst of the Trial. 

Thanks to the HFL team, we all are enjoying Starbucks Via this evening while Barry & Marc went to watch a soccer game at the tech school. 

So that's all the stuff we did today. here's a video I posted on FB of today's recap:

PS. I can't get the photos to upload so check my FB page. Hopefully I can get them up there.