"And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows." Matt 10:30-31

It's a comfortable balmy 28 degrees Celsius. I had a short, warm sleep. No blankets necessary, or even sheets. I think Marc got used to having the bed to himself, cause I had to keep pushing him over to his side. (Way too warm to cuddle.) I slept in til 6am, but welcomed the light beaming into the room as a welcome to Sunday morning. I love church in Haiti. Energetic, lively worship, friendly greetings and hugs from every single person. Lots of love. I acted as door usher today to avoid the mob after service that I knew would follow. It's wonderful to see all the smiling faces and receive the hugs. My least favorite greeting, from my favorite old lady, was another reminder of our cultural clashes. She overly hugged me and jiggled each of my breasts commenting on how young I look. Nice. I've learned over my years of culturally awkward exchanges that you're best to just roll with it. 

The service was so encouraging. Marc honored a few young men, and one 'old guy' as they call him, that have been volunteering since the hurricane happened, to assist in clean up and repairing homes. They are not church members, just eager young men willing to serve. The church cheered them today and Marc urged them to continue coming to church. Barry, our Canadian-Scotsman, briefly expressed his thanks to the medical team for their treatments upon their arrival for his angry rash that was a result of a big tree 'biting' him while he was chopping away. Despite Marc's warnings to watch out of that poisonous wood beast, his whole left arm and leg were a bright red, pussy, swollen mess. And the professional treatment of choice by the team? WD40. Yep, it drew out all the ooziness, drying it up and reducing the swelling. The HFL team leader also shared a last greeting of thanks IN CREOLE, which impressed all the Haitians. 

HFL Medical Team has a great blog of their adventures these past 14 days. You can check it out HERE: HFL Cranbrook Team.

Matthew West, "Do Something"

Matthew West, "Do Something"

I had the opportunity to share a brief encouragement and hello. Psalm 46:10 has been the verse that God has been speaking to us all summer-fall, and for good reason. "Be still, and know that I am God." (CC moms, I've been trying to figure out how this imperative, compound sentence would be diagrammed.) That's where we've got to stay, in that place of peace that He is in control. Way to much when trouble and disaster happens, we ask the wrong question, trying to figure out what only God knows. "Why?" We should be asking "What?" instead. What do you want me to do, God? Not worry or fret, but be led by His spirit in the midst of the situations. The song by Matthew West has been ringing through my mind a lot too, "Do something". The song says, "So I shook my fist at Heaven and said, 'God why don't you do something.' He said, 'I did. I created YOU." 

Then Marc shared reports with the church of how much of an impact is being made. We've repaired 115 homes, distributed food to +3,000 families in Grand-Goave and given truckloads of food to 5 other communities to distribute, treated over 1,500 patients in 9 days of clinics here and another 200 patients at mobile clinics in Camp Perrin with the HFL medical team, and have given water filters and hygiene kits to almost all the patients. 

Lastly, Pastor Archange preached a very encouraging message, on the value of man, how God created each of us to make a difference, to serve as His instruments on the earth to be agents of change. Rather than looking at the evil in the world, seek the good. BE THE GOOD. There's only one slight difference that distinguishes the evil from the good in each of us- repentance and submission to God. That's it. 

So it all tied together well. Stop asking "Why?" Disaster and troubles will always come. Let's recognize our God given call to do something. Let's ask "What do you want us to do, Lord?" 

That's what we are doing. What are going to do?