Sigh, sigh, and sigh. Yep, 3x. I'm checked in for my flight to Haiti, and got all my four bins baggage fees waived! I remembered my passport (there's a story behind that) and I found my last child... before you judge me on the last one and call social services, let me put your mind at ease. On paper, I found him. See, as I was in a whirl of prep and packing, I prepared my childcare schedule and somehow missed listing Austin with his pertinent info, like his birthday! After I sent it out to my 8 babysitters, one graciously brought it to my attention. Hey, four outta five ain't bad, right? Ok, maybe on a test, but not when you're speaking of children. So I had to go after the one lost sheep- on paper. AND GOOD THING! I realized as I was searching for his healthcare card, that I almost left my passport behind, cause it was safely tucked in the same box as all the important family info. See why the sighs? 

So, I'm on my way, enjoying probably my last Starbucks for 10 days and admiring the new international wing at Calgary airport. Bye bye first world comforts. Enjoy them while they last.