So here is what our Friday family movie night typically looks like in Haiti:

1.Leave the campus early to go home and have enough time for a family movie together. Arrive home at 8:00pm
2. Spend 20 minutes debating whether to watch a DVD we have all seen (which in hindsight,would have been the easiest) or a new movie.
3. Finally decide we will choose a new movie from Netflix and try to watch it off of Asher's PS3.
4. start to get PS3 set up, but to access the internet, a Software Update is required. We start the update.
5. 10 minutes later, the update is only at 8%
6.The power goes out.
7. Search around in the dark for a flashlight to turn on generator.
8. Cannot find flashlight. The generator is out of gas.
9. Turn on inverter, restart software update on PS3.
10.Meanwhile, we try to start the movie on the iPad. There is only 10% charge.
11.Plug in the iPad to charge and find out charger is not working. Other charger is at the campus.
12. We send Rosney and Ken to go pick up the other charger, since our phones are also almost dead.
13.They come back with no charger. Must have got put in the office.
14.Meanwhile, the city power returns. We decide to wait out the Software Update before switching the power back over.
15.Miesha and I play Scrabble. The update takes another 30 minutes.
16. Update finishes, we switch the city power back on, restart the PS3, then it has to initialize- another 10 minutes.
17. Finally, we get to Netflix, but the internet is too slow and it cannot sign in.
18.By now, it is 10:30pm. We decide to scrap the movie. Miesha and I finish our Scrabble game, the boys play FIFA, as usual.
19. 11pm we all get ready for bed.

Movie night in Haiti is a bit of a challenge.