We are back! It's a new season, a new year, a new day! 2015 I believe is going to be a year of completion, a year of fulfillment for the ministry, as 5 is representative of the five-fold ministry and 3 is representative of God's completion, perfection and fullness. So we are walking in this inspiration! I believe too that God is going to personally fulfill the gifts and ministry that He has in each of those who are called His. I don't mean by this that after this year, it's all done! But that He is bringing into fullness all He has for us in ministry. I can see it! It's a completion of the beginning, an establishment of all He's called us to. I am anticipating this new day.
We are back in Haiti now, finally! We barely escaped the wave of freezing cold weather in Alberta and have come to a perfectly warm 26 degrees Celsius in Haiti. We arrived on the last day of the year 2014, in time to celebrate and worship God for His great works this past year. We had an amazing dance party of a church service to bring in the new year! We finally crashed in bed at 2am.
Our weekend has been getting settled back into life in Haiti, and that often takes effort and patience. The city power situation here is worse than before. We've hardly had power at all, maybe for three or four hours at night between midnight and four AM. So we are trying to get power set up for our house so we can have water and some lights at night. At the campus we've been repairing generators and getting them filled up with gas. We also came home to a dry well at our house, which doesn't help the water situation. I'm grateful that we have some strong boys around to help carry buckets of water from the local well to bring home so we can shower, brush our teeth and flush the toilet. Turns out we have to buy a new water pump as well as dig our well deeper. Oh the fun of living in a developing country. But, even with all this, I'm actually grateful to be here with less amenities because it helps my focus turn to spiritual things rather than natural things. I have such a hunger for God, which I feel is in the atmosphere of Haiti helping us draw near to God.

We are also so glad to have some great missionaries with us this year- of course, the Fitzpatricks again, the Sampsons and we also have the Collins family with us til June and Scott and Carling, a young medical couple to work in the clinic for six weeks. You can check out their blogs under Long-Term Missionary Blogs at haitiarise.org

We started our Pastors Conference today. We already have more than 300 pastors! Exciting.
I'll keep you posted!