With our long term missionary staff we are taking some day trips for research, cultural learning to get and see the country. On Saturday I went with Keith and Andrea and our driver, Yvon, to go on a tour of a ministry in Titayen north of Port Au Prince called Healing Haiti and Grave Village. We are working on building relationships and networking with other ministries doing similar work and seeing what we can learn from them. At first we just thought it was an orphanage and wanted to go see what they were doing. We were surprised to learn they recently changed their model and philosophy of orphan care to incorporate family units and homes. It was a great tour and connection. We asked lots and lots of questions and learned a lot! We met with the directors and shared vision together. It was very inspiring to see a place in Haiti that is implementing this model with success and seeing great fruit even in the short time they've changed things. They testified of how many behavioural issues they were encountering before with the children had virtually diminished to a very low percentage after the children were placed in the individual homes with parents. They have an onsite social worker and counsellor that meet with the kids and parents regularly to assess their progress. Many kids said now that they have a family, there's no reason for them to act out, cause it was just for attention. Keith, Andrea & I were rejoicing for God's confirmation through this divine appointment.

Then on Wednesday we got to take our mid-term missionary staff to Jacmel for a day out. We enjoyed a great day of site seeing through the historic city and I was amazed at the development and progress there's been in Jacmel even in just a year. There's a new Boardwalk all along the waterfront where Carnaval was held last year and many historic buildings are being restored. They are even building a bridge across the river that leads up to Basin Blue, a beautiful waterfall that we've visited many times in the past, but never enjoyed the treacherous route to get there. In fact, last time we got stuck in the riverbed when we crossed, with water streaming in the bottom of the doors. Some guys had to pull and push us across. That was the last time we went.

I meant to post this last Friday, but as I saved it, I lost half the post. I'm convinced computers have their own will and sinful nature! I'm actually posting from my phone now, as my computer has completely crashed yesterday, leaving me feeling at a loss with lots of projects needing to be completed from the computer. Amazing how reliant we become on such things that are not lasting then act shocked and dismayed when they die or fail us. I'm reminded of Paul's words to the Colossians in 3:2 to not set my sights on earthly things, but to set my eyes in things above. I'm constantly reminded of this actually, in this environment where very few things last or run as would normally be expected. And with the teams we have coming too I think that's a major lesson God teaches them as projects don't always end up working out like we have planned. Especially coming from a society where we can just run to the closest Home Depot, Staples or Apple Store to replace or buy the supplies we need. I'm now trying to figure out how to get a new laptop here or how I can get mine repaired and mindful that I'm going to lose a lot of 'productive' time while I wait for a solution. But even in this, god in His grace and sovereignty knows why and how. I must trust that He'll work it out.

I ask for your prayers as we are embarking on the establishment of the Children's Village. We are feeling much resistance in the spiritual realm from the enemy. We know this is God's heart to care for widows and orphans in their distress (James 1:27) and to set the orphan in a family and place of belonging. The enemy is not happy. Yet we still know Gods hand of favour is greater! Believe with us.