We have taken to the road now. Done with flying for the moment and sticking to the pavement. We took a few flying trips already this summer to Oregon, Washing and California and although I love the destinations, I don't love all the flying.

It is a beautiful summer in Canada this year, making me so grateful to the Lord to be here and have time to spend with our family. While we are traveling to promote Haiti ARISE and share updates with our partners and new churches and individuals, we are also taking time to hang out in between with lots of precious friends and our kids. We left Airdrie on Friday, August 2 to venture across the mountains on the Canada long weekend. We braved the roads of RV's and people fleeing the city to go to some other destination away from home for the few days off work. We were pretty lucky to find a campsite in Sicamous that evening, that was even complete with pancake breakfast in the morning. The kids were thrilled, both for the tenting time and the breakfast. Then we hit the road on to Agassiz. We spent an awesome few days with our friends, Laurens and Louisa Van Vliet, who spent a number of months in Haiti with us this past spring teaching agriculture and they are now heading up our Agriculture Steering & Development Committee and planning to return again to Haiti in the fall to venture on some more researching for getting the goat farm up and off the ground. We had a fabulous chance at a Brunch on the farm on Monday morning at our dear family friends, George and Debra Boyes' place, The Farm House Natural Cheeses. These guys have actually been our inspiration for starting a goat farm in Haiti and they are doing an amazing job at providing homemade, fresh cheeses, butter, milk, creams... and encompassing the neighboring natural local farmers products by showcasing them all in an annual Brunch, a beautiful spread of gourmet foods all locally grown and produced.

We also got to visit our friends at Surrey Alliance Church and thank them for their tremendous support over the last year in helping with the operating costs of the technical school as well as sending a fabulous team of hardworking tradesmen and artists. Great friends there, and kids that our kids love there too. Then Monday evening the Van Vliets hosted a lovely BBQ at their place for people who wanted to connect and hear more about Haiti ARISE. We got to visit with some old friends and make some new ones. Now we are taking a few days to visit our dear friends in Abbotsford, the Krahns, on their blueberry farm with their brood of kids (9 to be exact.) We got right to work picking juicy, plump, purple berries with them, of which they have a huge abundance this year.

After this, we will head to the Okanogan to visit Roy and Olive Ralph and have a little camp out there for a few days. Can't miss out on some Up and Down the River card games! Then we will head to Nelson, BC for a week to hang out with our dear friends and adopted ma and pa, Pastor Jim and Doreen Reimer. We'll also drop in at Castlegar Christian Fellowship and a new church contact in Fruitvale before heading back home.

This road trip is a welcome little break to some development work we've been doing in our Airdrie townhouse basement in an attempt to make a little more living space for our kids while we are in Canada. Once we get back home there, we'll get back to work. Actually, since I mentioned it, if there is anyone in the Calgary area that has any contractor type skills at all and would like to come help out, we would sure welcome a few more hands. We are eager to get this done before heading back to Haiti in the fall. And hiring contractors sure is expensive! Ouch!

Well, here's to enjoying the Canada sun and heat! Lord, let it last! And thank you for all of our dear friends and partners you have allowed us to meet over the years, which make trekking across Canada so fun.