It's amazing how quickly the summer sun seems to shy away behind the clouds of rainy days as the fall hastily approaches. I keep praying the cold weather will hold off a little longer, or I will be longing to get back to Haiti sooner than later. It's nice to be in Canada when it is bright and sunny, but the cold... well, it makes me rethink. It has been a busy summer and our busyness is not done yet. We still have about eight more churches to visit, our AGM and board meeting coming up September 19th and the MFI Leadership conference to attend. And in the midst of all that, we are working on developing our little basement in our Airdrie townhouse to make a little more room for the kids while we are here in Canada. So the rest we always hope to find while we are back in Canada, before being thrust back into our activities in Haiti, seems to elude us. We do get a sort of rest- more time as a family and couple together, a chance to travel and enjoy the beautiful countryside, and visit lots of our friends and family. So it's all good. We sure are learning a lot though about construction and the differences in building practices and styles from here and Haiti. Drywall mudding and taping to me is like art and I enjoy it, while 'boarding' (in laymen's terms, putting up drywall), is NOT my favorite, especially in a stairwell on the ceiling. By the end of each day, Marc and I are so stiff, we each take a nice hot bath or shower and then collapse in bed. We have big hopes to get this little project done before Oct 15 when Marc will be heading back to Haiti. We will see... I can understand how homeownership can become so life consuming for some people. It is important to have a secure, comfortable and restful home and really neat that you can have the possibility to express your passions and talents through things like gardening or home projects, but there is something freeing when we choose to live simpler and not so consumed with just our own desires or environment. We did not have a home in North America for seven years. It was hard to be a nomad when we'd travel around all summer, but we were also free in a way of the burden of homeownership maintenance. I don't know, there are pros and cons... I am actually very grateful that we now have a home in Canada to come back to and to be able to provide a place of security and stability for our children. Between our home here and in Haiti, they know where they belong, whereas when all we did was travel they were always wondering where we would be next. Yet, I think there can be a marriage of security and simplicity while still having a heart to be free so we don't miss opportunities to reach out and go beyond ourselves and our own environment. That's what I strive to teach my children.

Meanwhile, back in Haiti things have still been busy. We get news regularly from our Controller, Kerby Aristhene, who calls us with updates and questions on the activities happening around Haiti ARISE. There has been a lot of church activities with the youth, children and women's groups. (Check out the Haiti ARISE facebok page, as Sylvio posts a lot of pics) Construction has continued on three homes we assisted in building and on the construction of a storage depot next to the newly finished carpentry shop. We are really excited about the container that was shipped from Vancouver, as it finally arrived on site in Grand-Goave, with all contents safe and sound and accounted for. A big thank you to James Roberts and Eldon Ortlieb who coordinated the loading and shipping of the container, and Lifeline Christian Mission, also located in Grand-Goave, who helped us by receiving the container for us in port and helping it to clear customs smoothly. This container will be a tremendous blessing to the technical school as it has all the tools necessary to well equip our shop classes for carpentry, mechanics and welding. (I'll be sending pics right away in a newsletter.) We can't wait to get down there to set up the shops! I can't wait also for the Grand Opening that is scheduled for November 11-13, 2014. This is going to be an amazing time with lots of important people present! In preparations for that, our staff has also been hard at work planting flowers, landscaping, writing invitation letters to government officials and planning for the ceremonies.We also will be having an electrical/plumbing specific team coming just before on November 1 to help us get some final things set up and resolved. I am hoping to travel down with them if I can secure childcare for two weeks.

I'm getting my head ready to get back into homeschooling with the kids. Classes for the elementary school and technical college should be opening back up very soon as September is right around the corner. We have a number of young people as well that have been a part of our Education Fund program who have graduated from high school and will be continuing on into college. It is so exciting seeing this next generation of youth rise up and many of them are eager to learn so that they can in turn serve their community and Haiti ARISE Ministries.

I just want to thank you all who support Haiti ARISE and us, the Honorat family, in your prayers, friendship and financial support. Without you all, we could not be making the difference we are in Haiti today! And we want you to stay involved with us! Many hands makes the work light. So make sure you come and register with us in our upcoming events:

Annual General Meeting- September 19 @ 5-8pm being held at Eastside City Church, 1311 Abbeydale Dr. SE, Calgary, Alberta. Dinner will be provided. You can register online at:

Ride for Refuge- Oct 4, 2014- Join us for the ride! You can bike and help us raise funds for Haiti ARISE. Check out how to be involved by visiting the site and make sure you do it in support of us! We already have four teams signed up to ride in Red Deer, Calgary and Saskatoon. You can ride or support.

Grand Opening- Nov 11-13, 2014- This will be the major event of Haiti ARISE's history thus far. Ten years in and we are finally having it! We can't want to see all of you who are joining us for these celebrations. If you have not solidified your plans to come yet, register online at:

Can't wait to see you all!