Well, we made it. In five hours we will be on our way to the airport and still none of our family have contracted the epidemic virus, Chikungunya that's hit Haiti. We've been praying so hard. Unfortunately, Marilyn got it and one of the members on the EMI team that was here this week, but Marilyn is ding much better and hopefully no others will get it.
We all leave the campus tomorrow, so today was a pretty crammed day getting everything done. All those last minute loose ends and many others that you didn't expect to pose themselves, were in a mad rush to get accomplished. The list of priorities kept shifting each day as we've gotten closer to departure, yet there still has been time to teach the youth worship team a dance, enjoy some goodbye parties, take Bibles back to the prison and gather all of our staff for EMI team's last day presentation of what plans they are developing for us. The ladies group together with the young girls club put on a lovely party for me, Marilyn and Elisa tonight. They all shared some encouraging words, prayers, some songs and the girls even danced. We eat cake and drank pop and gave lots of sweaty, enthusiastic hugs goodbye. I love these women so much, an exceptional bunch and it's a blessing to be a part of them. The girls choir also had a party for Miesha, Jasmine and Ariana. I think they had a blast, as their singing and dancing was louder than ours. They all left with candies, drinks and dresses made from pillowcases that a friend from Strathmore gave this year. Then we ended tonight before packing the rest of our bags w a party for Kiki, our little guy that lives w us. He's 10 years old and is an orphan. He'll be staying with our nanny, Nadia, while we are gone, then come back home when we return in the fall to our house. He's already considered an Honorat, just doesn't carry the name officially...yet.
Yesterday, the boys club had a party too for Asher, complete with cake and a trophy for their soccer tournament. The only one who didn't get a party this time was Marc and Austin, which didn't bother either of them. They were too busy eating the cake from the others.
Elisa and I went back to the prison w Johny Laguerre, one of our youth workers and Musset who is our Tech school director. It was a long day and they wanted us to distribute the Bibles, not just drop them off, which it's a good thing we did cause so many others wanted the Bibles too. I was even shocked at two men in civilian attire actually grabbed two out of our hands while we were giving them to the prisoners and were forceful about it. I didn't know at the time they were policemen, but I was really mad at them, cause we had just enough and I thought we'd be short. The prisoners were all so grateful, lots of them started reading right away. Some of them passed us thank you notes. We were glad to find that 8 of the 135 prisoners we met in Sunday had been released. Some prayers answered for sure.

The EMI team worked hard this week to develop further plans for our campuses. Tomorrow they will continue on to Port Salut to go visit our friends we just saw a few weeks back. They are just getting started with their work and have similar vision.
I'm going to miss Haiti of course, but looking forward to getting away from the heat and this epidemic going around here. Also look forward to seeing our Canadian and American friends and family.