As a growing my walk with the Lord, I never cease to be amazed by God's amazing grace. He's constantly teaching me new truths and I am continually humbled by the faith that is model to me by the beautiful people He has called me to serve. We just finished a tremendous week for Easter with activities and programs in the church and then an amazing youth conference and finished up with a powerful four day crusade. Thousands of people came out with a hunger for the Lord. Some people were delivered and others received. The worship was so vibrant and lively. All of grand-Goave was able to hear the gospel because the sound system was so loud.
Now this week has been a real learning time for me in prayer. We had our first all-night prayer meeting Friday night and it was so intense, the Holy Spirit was moving in powerful ways. There is such a thirst and hunger for God's Spirit here that it is just overwhelming. The church was completely full by 8 PM and we prayed fervently and nonstop until two in the morning. People brang their sheets and blankets along with their kids to prepare to be there all night long. We sang praises, read the Psalms, and prayed loud and quiet at different times in the service. The new passion was ignited in my heart to pray even deeper than I have before. I have been thirsty for this. When I don't know what to pray I am encouraged by reading the Psalms and praying the Psalms. The atmosphere was so thick, it was a great preparation for Sunday morning. We had a good friend of ours come to preach in the church and he spoke a true message of repentance. Many fled to the altars at the end. I really feel that God is doing a new thing here in Grand-Goave, Haiti. Marc has called for all-night prayer meetings every Friday night for this month so that we can seek God for revival in this land. Most importantly, it's bringing a revival in my own heart. Thank you God for your amazing grace.

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