Ok, I think I have officially decided I am not a blogger. Not because I don't enjoy writing and recounting stories, but because the imposed expectation of a blog seems to be something that is done daily, and if not then at least weekly. I fall short on that account. I know it is important for everyone who may read this to know and be encouraged about what is happening here at Haiti ARISE, but with the pile of activities that always seem to be overflowing my plate, I often rely heavily on the teams to do the bulk of the blogging and story telling. And I have to say that there have been some good bloggers on our teams with great writing skills. I have enjoyed reading them myself to hear about their experiences and I am right here, participating with them in it!

Well, having said all that, it is ever more apparent our evident need for a media guy or gal, someone willing to step in and assist with our communications, social media, videos, website updates, photo galleries, etc, etc, etc... Any hands??

We've been having a lot of fun here distrbuting gifts over the last few weeks to sponsor kids and this Sunday we have our last horray doing so in our Sunday School party. From the gift catalogue purchases this year, we will be giving away 31 soccer balls, 17 baby packs, 38 Bibles, 2 clothing packs, 6 mosquito nets, 8 school supply packs, and some garden tools, as well as 11 goats, 5 pigs, and 26 chickens! Boy, its gonna be a party.

Then we are gearing up for a week full of activities- kids program, field trip for all of our church committees, special services for Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The following week we will be having a youth conference and then the crusade in town. Phew! I'm tired already and this week is supposed to be a vacation! It'll be fun though.

So for those who are faithful blog followers, I owe you a million apologies for not living up to the expectation of daily or even weekly blogs. Sigh. I have however been more actively posting photos on Twitter and Facebook, with Marc help even. So you can check us out there! And I am resolving to give some more attention to this blog. No promises, but I'll do my best to keep you in the loop! But hey, check out the Team Blogs for sure! They are exciting and fun to hear of their adventures and the projects they have contributed to.