It's amazing how quickly time flies by. We have been so active here with the ministry and things moving forward. The agriculture classes are so excited to see their plants growing wildly as the rain and spring time has come. Marc is even one of the keen students excited about his being plants.
We've been distributing Bibles to pastors in the area for them to distribute in their churches. It is awesome to see how happy they are to receive these boxes. Thank you to the Gideons for making these Creole Bibles available to us! Mark also met with the Association of Pastors in Grand Goave to help plan for our crusade that's coming up this Easter. We will be having pastors Ed Allan and Travis Hansen and Christ Girvan coming from Alberta to help us with the youth conference and the crusade.

We are also eager to get the Christmas gifts distributed from our Online Gift Catalogue. They were supposed to go out in February, but due to some other events planned in the church and area during Mardi Gras break, we could not hold our gift distribution celebration. So we are busy making purchases and preparing to give out to all the sponsor students and plan for a celebration event during Easter break in April just before the youth conference and crusade.