Hmmm, not sure I have heard the sound of sleighbells at all lately, in fact, I am not sure if I ever have! But, hey, it's Christmas time and everyone seems to be crazy about this fat, jolly old man with an overgrown beard for a month solid. Society is bent on convincing us that we need to shop more and buy our kids lots of stuff so that we can lie to them and get them to believe in this guy who does not exist, with a bunch of flying reindeer, somehow tresspassed into our house on the eve of Christmas to fill our house with more stuff. The whole thing baffles me. How far have we come that we can hardly even mention the real reason for the season in public. Why is that? Well, for the conspiracy theorist that I am, I believe that the enemy of our souls is doing a real good job at getting our society dooped, guilting parents into debt and deception, all in the name of miracles, magic and dreams. But why? Is Jesus so hard to believe in that we have to replace him with a make-believe man of few words(hohoho)? A man that most children only have the hopes of having one glimpse of in the whole year and that will only honor their wishes once a year- if they are nice and not naughty? And really, do any parents ever give their kids coal anymore? So, we are essentially telling even the naughty kids that its ok, they can get away with it and Santa will still reward them. The whole thing actually really gets me. In fact, I think that Satan has our culture worshipping this made up god in a huge anti-Christ effort to cloud over the true meaning of Christmas and draw people away from meeting the actual Savior of our souls. Satan is tricky. He likes to use bright colors, flashy costumes, sparkly fairy dust and incredibly ridiculous settings to draw our interest away from the exact opposite God presents to us- a simple child, meek and mild, born in a humble stable with no huge audience or huge announcement (except to a few wise men and shephards who were observant enough to be watching). Jesus' Christmas was not piled with useless shimmery wrappings, but was presented with a few very special and significant gifts- gold, frankincense & myrrh. He was not untouchable, but born in a very real and commonplace way, accessible to anyone, yet not demanding our attention... just... inviting it.

Shouldn't we rather spend our time remembering the true reason we celebrate? Others may wish to partake in all of the false god celebrations of Santa Clause (forgive me if that is sounding harsh). I won't judge any who do, but that is not what its about. I just would rather teach my children that there is a more precious gift than just a wrapped present under the tree. And there is a more priceless sacrifce that was given for us when God sent His one and only Son, a babe wrapped in cloth and placed in a cattle stall. I would rather reminisce and spend my time worshipping the King who came to deliver and save, His birthday that was fortold for generations. And I would rather celebrate together with my family the awesome fellowship and privilege we have to know Jesus everyday through His love, Word and grace, rather than have my kids write letters to Santa for their own selfish gain. I would rather find ways to reach out with random acts of kindness to show God's love, not just this month, but all year around. I would rather give of myself and teach my children to do likewise, just as our Christ does for us. That is the true meaning of Christmas, to celebrate the greatest birth of all. The most beautiful of stories foretold in Isaiah 9:6 (and all througout the OT), and brought to pass in Luke 2 (and all throughout the NT).

Those are my musings of the season. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas time with all the lights, decorations and smells. But I love the why most of all.

Merry Christmas!