It's been a wonderful month of travels through Alberta, BC and WA state. After leaving Haiti June 11 and getting all unpacked, we packed up again and hit the road on June 20 to head to Surrey, BC. We almost didn't make it out of Calgary though as there was mass flooding from severe rains that caused every highway out to close. As we started out that morning, each route we headed for we had to turn around I. Search of another. We tried highway 1 east first, but it was closed as the bridge in Canmore was completely washed out. We tried 22 south of Cochrane- flooded, 22x south, closed at Black Diamond, 2A south closed at Okotoks. Our last chance was 2 south. We got as far as High River and had to stop as the river flooded over the highway right before us. One car got washed away as we watched some vehicles still attempt to cross. We had to backtrack again and find an alternate route around. Eventually we made it out and got to Nelson 12 hours, double the normal time it takes. But we enjoyed a good visit with Pastor Jim and Doreen Reimer and got see and pray over their new church building in Nelson, Kootenay Christian Fellowship. We're so excited for them.

We spent a week in Surrey with our friends from Surrey Alliance and were so blessed by our time of fellowship there and the reaffirmation of the churches partnership with us fulfilling this Great Commission of the gospel together. We got to also take a day to go into Vancouver on the Skytrain and visit Science World with the kids. We then headed south of the border to Aberdeen, WA and visited a pocket of strong Haiti ARISE partners and friends there too from Grays Harbor Foursquare and other churches. It was so encouraging to reconnect with some friends we hadn't seen in a few years and see God moving to ignite a passion again in them to be more involved with Haiti ARISE. We are keenly aware of God's grace and favour as He leads us to each place and connects us with those He desires to, not only for partnering and networking for Haiti, but even more so for knitting us deeper together with the wide body of believers, His church that extends beyond borders. I love fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ, sharing together in the testimonies of God's work in our lives and meeting others who are in search of deeper meaning through finding a relationship in God and with His people. We just finished up with another fantastic weekend in Peachland with Roy a d Olive Ralph and their church, Emmanuel Church.

Now after our visits with these churches, we venture into a few weeks of family camps. First we were with my sister and family for the holiday week, now we are at Nelson family camp, then we will head to Weyburn, Saskatchewan. From there we get to fly to PEI, which will be our first time to the Canadian east coast and I'm hoping we'll have time to tour around and take the kids to the site of Anne of Green Gables. Marc will be speaking at the Gideon's Conference there and we will be exploring ways with them of how we can facilitate distributing Creole Bibles throughout Haiti. On our return from there, we will stop over in Harriston Ontario to visit Crossroads Community Church and hopefully spend a day with Joe and show the kids around Toronto. So, as we are covering thousands of miles to share the gospel and our testimonies of God's work in Haiti, we are also enjoying some fun and educational times with our kids in the beautiful outdoors of Canada's summer, (which I definitely prefer to its winters).