I want to thank you for praying for Ketsia and ask you to KEEP PRAYING. We have not gotten much news on her condition except that she is still unconscious and still awaiting surgery. Our church was able to provide the family with the remaining amount of money they needed to cover the surgery. It ended up being HA $ rather than US $ which was a big relief to the family and to us. But she and the family will still need financial assistance to ensure she gets all the care and rehabilitation she needs... if she makes it. Please, please pray! Pray that she does not have brain damage and that a miracle will take place and her life will be saved. She is a precious girl, full of life, so much drive and potential.

I have a hard time grappling with events like this when they happen, trying to come to some sort of understanding why God would allow such an awful thing to happen to a wonderful young person with such a bright future before her. But sometimes there are no answers and I must just trust that God has it in control. Accidents happen and though better measures of protection and risk management could happen to prevent such a horrific accident, it still remains an accident. What is harder for me the understand is when things come more into the control of man's hands and still seem unjust. Here is a girl needing surgery right away and each passing moment could make her chances of coming out of more severe brain damage slim. Yet, she still has not had surgery... why? Because of money? Lack of medical resources? Lack of expertise? I don't know... only God knows. What I do know is when everything here on earth does not make sense or doesn't come through, I serve a Great God who can make sense of it and is always faithful.

Let's intercede together, plead Ketsia's case before God's throne, because HE can heal her and bring a miracle. May all this is happening just for that cause, to bring glory to HIS name.