We have some sad news and need to ask for your urgent prayers and assistance.

Ketsia is a young girl, 24 years old, who has learned carpentry and usually works on our construction crews with Roy Ralph when he is here. She is our only girl on the crew and is a very hard working and ambitious girl with a bright future. 

Ketsia got into an accident on a motorcycle on her way home from PAP this Tuesday. She is in really bad condition and has had some sever head trauma. They are concerned she may have brain damage because she was bleeding profusely from her nose and ears. She has already had one surgery on her internal organs, as she was bleeding internally as well. Now she needs to have surgery on her head. They are not sure if she is going to make it. She is unconscious in the general hospital in Port Au Prince and needs a lot of prayer! We ask that you would have your church or any prayer groups you are a part of to PRAY for a miracle for Ketsia!

She also needs financial assistance to be able to have the surgery on her head done. THe surgeon said it will cost about $7000 US and he will not operate until he has the cash in hand. That sounds so harsh, but that is the reality of a country without health insurance. So we as a church here are trying to give what we can. If you feel moved to help financially, please send some support immediately and note that it is for Emergency Medical Assistance- Ketsia.  You can DONATE online with credit card or through Paypal or you can send a check to our US or Canada office.

Thank you for your coveted prayers and support! We will update you on her status as soon as we know anything.