It's been like a dream coming back into Haiti and I can't believe a month has already passed since getting back down here. My heart was so full of joy and contentment to be in our home here, with our church family and missionary friends. I took a few weeks to get head back in the game and work on a schedule that well accomodates continuing homeschool, feeding baby and getting office work done. The early mornings I had to adapt to again. In Canada I got used to sleeping in and staying up late after kids were in bed to work. Here everyone is up with the sun. We are down at the campus by 7:30am for breakfast with the teams and then Jasmine and Ariana head off to preschool and kindergarten. Miesha and Asher get started on their homeschool work by 8 and finish by 10:30 so they can go for break with the school kids and then go in for French and Creole class til 1 pm. This gives me ample time to get some office work done or help provide direction for people. There is a lot of activity going on all the time on any given day, especially Mondays. Austin stays back at home for a long morning nap after having his breakfast at 7am. I catch up with him again when we get back home in the afternoon. The kids play and I feed, or take a short rest, then do some computer work. It is amazing how Haiti is advancing in technology. Though our internet provider for wireless has not yet come through to provide service (that's been since Oct), we all have Natcom internet sticks with Unlimited service that can almost be checked from anywhere. So I can be sitting at home, with no power even and still be on the internet! There are still times it does not work smoothly, but it sure is a leap from where we were even just a year ago with communication abilities.

Since we arrived back down here so much as happened. We've had four or five great teams already, hosted a youth/worship conference with 700 youth in attendance, had a men's retreat with about 100 men from our church, gotten lots of work done on the tech school and children's duplexes, even started the 2nd duplex, and have held clinics for the past week and a half. We just met with the new Haitian clinic staff to plan our opening for April 1, finally now that we have Diane Sampson, a nurse from Manitoba, here to help us with training and starting operations.

Here are some photos below...

Jasmine & Ariana off to school with Daddy.

Start of the 2nd Duplex.Little girl's life saved last year through surgery sponsored by medical team.All new shelves and files for medical clinic.






















The kids are adjusting well, picked back up on their Creole quickly, reunited with their entourage of friends and loving interacting with the teams. We have a great group of long termers here right now- lots of handy guys- Wayne Hohn and Ken Rae from Nelson, Tim Leech from Cape Cod, Damen & Dakota Thorne from Medicine Hat to name a few. Val, Marilyn and I were feeling pretty outnumbered, so we openly welcomed Diane's coming. 

I am loving being here! I am heading back to Airdrie on Thursday for a week of meetings and not all too eager to go since I feel like I just got here. But am looking forward to some good meetings and progress to see the ministry propel forward with more hands to help. If you are interested and around Calgary March 16th, come to our Moral Owners Meeting at 2pm at Eastside City Church. We are looking for more people to be involved and help establish committees for different areas of the ministry.