Well, the count down of hours is on until we jetset away. I have been packing all week- a monumental task to pack for not only myself, but five others too! I'll be glad when everyone can pack their own bags. Actually, the older ones were a pretty big help getting their things together and in the bags. We bought new luggage, a necessity long overdue. No more days of traveling with tattered, broken handled, torn zipper luggage. When one travels as much as we do internationally it is important to have sturdy, easy to handle and identifiable luggage. So I think I got everything finally in save for the kitchen sink.

Today and yesterday though, I felt much more like a nurse and janitor than a world traveler. I was really happy to be getting rid of the older kids so I could get the house cleaned and organized before leaving, but then Ariana fell sick yesterday, puking every 30 minutes or so. She did not have much in her stomach fortunately, so it was not too bad to clean up, but nontheless, this added a new element to my plans of getting the house in order without interruption. I learned quickly to keep the all-purpose cleaner and paper towels close at hand. Thank God for leather couches and wood floors and the fact that she wanted to lay on the couch rather than in her bedroom on blankets and carpet. I'm also thankful that the three older kids still went to other people's houses overnight so I could accomplish my tasks of cleaning and organizing, as well as keep them away from the sicky. In between feeding baby and puking sessions, she slept (and baby too) and I worked feverishly to pack and clean. And miraculously, I got it all done before Miesha and Jasmine came home! I'm really praying Ariana is all better by morning. I would hate to fly having to hold the airplane bag to her lips. Please pray for her.

So bags are loaded and ready to go, including an extra full of Creole Bibles given by a gentleman in Three Hills from the Gideons. We will distribute them at the youth/worship conference as well as give them to pastors for their churches in the area. Chris Girvan will be coming in the mornign to take more of them in his luggage too, then we'll be meeting everyone else at the airport to head off. Haiti, here we come! Yeah! I soooo, can't wait to see Marc and all of my beloved Haitian brothers and sisters.