We have just 10 days left now til we arrive back in Haiti. I am getting very eager to go. We have one bag already packed and have a list of shopping to do, which I am convinced will not fit in just one more bag, so we will probably end up paying extra... unless Marc still gets Priority Access with American Airlines. Hey, maybe we will even get bumped to first class! That sure would be nice. More leg room and maybe even a good sleep on the plane would be so wonderful. With all his travels, we are sure to still have secured his status. He just came back from a short trip to Haiti in Sept with Jason Quantz to check in on things before our AGM.

We had another trip down to Portland, Oregon for the Minister's Fellowship International annual conference and it was wonderful, inspiring and vision refreshing. The worship was powerful and we got to reconnect with a lot of pastors and leaders in the Northwest area of Canada and US. We already have a list of churches to visit next summer in WA, OR and CA!

We also spoke at Prosser Community Church, Castlegar Christian Fellowship and Kootenay Christian Fellowship while on this trip. It was great visiting and catching up with our friends at these churches. We are especially excited for PCC and KCF, who have both recently obtained new properties. KCF is in their new church building and there is such an electrifying atmosphere of faith and joy in the place! They also host Our Daily Bread, an outreach that serves hot meals 3 days a week to the community, which brings in lots of interesting folks, some searching for Jesus, some just for a warm place and some food. This is what Jesus calls us to though, as he said to the disciples, "I was hungry and you fed me..." With this kind of ministry poses some of it's own challenges though, dealing with folks that may not be so friendly, smell very good, or be in their right minds. We had one intriguing visitor the day we were there that didn't seem to follow much of what was happening in the service except for the coffee pot and snacks. He tried to snag one of our books from our display table, but Asher was sly and got it back when he set it down on a table. Nonetheless, I prayed for him during worship time, unbenounced to him.

We made the long drive back to Airdrie on Monday and have been slammed busy the last few days with appointments, kids activities and preparing to travel. We've had so much fun watching our kids grow and become more and more confident in who they are, especially in singing and dancing and praising the Lord. Arian, Miesha and Jasmine practice their singing.We have also had some very encouraging meetings with groups who want to partner with Haiti ARISE. God is amazing and has been giving us His grace and favor. We thank Him for His leading and direction as He provides the way as we go forward in all He has called us to. I have also enjoyed us getting more involved in our community here and getting to know more people in businesses as well as families in the Christian circles. We have put Jasmine in to kindergarten at the Airdrie Koinonia Christian School and have gotten to meet lots of wonderful folks. The school even invited us to share about Haiti ARISE with all the students already in 3 different chapel services with all the grade levels. That is something Marc and I really enjoy- sharing our testimony and inspiring children and young people to follow God's heart and calling on their lives. Who knows, maybe one student who heard us speak will become a nation changer because of the words we were able to share. All praise to Jesus!

Well, as we get packed up and ready to go, we have some of our long term missionaries already on their way and preparing too that we will meet when we get there. Cassie VanCamp left yesterday and arrived in Haiti today. She was supposed to be accompanied by Wade and Marilyn Fitzpatrick, but they missed their first flight out of Regina, SK and then Wade got really sick, so they missed their second rebooked flight too! Hopefully, with no more illness, they will be on their way tomorrow. Joe Park heads down on Wed, then Roy Ralph will head down with Marc and I on Friday, as well as a group of four from Montesano, WA. Darrell Damron, who used to be HAM USA's Vice President, his daughter Hannah, Jack Funk and one other gentleman will be coming down to help re-install the computer lab in the new school. Jack and Darrell were the ones that did the first lab in our original building, so it is fitting that they get to come and do it again! Jack was able to secure 30 laptops for just under $9,000 US, so their bags are all packed with all the gear! We also have Louisa and Laurens Vanvliet from Agassiz, BC coming down for the week to help assess our agricultural needs with the hopes of returning to work with us in the new year to get the goat farm and garden projects jump started.

I personally can't wait to see everyone again in Haiti, reconnect, help out with the teams, help get Marilyn working in the office with Geanne and enjoy the heat. It will be a short 10 days for me though, as I will return back to the kiddos to the great white north- fortunately we have no snow yet and I sure hope that it will hold off til after I am back so I don't have to endure that climate change shock on my way back. Marc and the rest of our long term missionaries will be down there til mid Dec, then we will all come home for a short break and back down again for the first of the new year, this time with the whole family. Miesha is eager to see her puppies, which are not so small anymore and I am not so eager to have to train them. 

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