It's just 12 more days til departure day for kids and I, as well as three teams heading down with me from Nelson, Peachland, Calgary and two guys from Ontario. I am constantly reminded of how God's grace and favor are so sufficient and how very blessed I am to have such a good Heavenly Father who looks after my every need. Not only did he provide one person to fly down with me to help travels with five kids, he gave me a whole team! I told those flying with me from Calgary that I don't plan to sit with any of my children on any of the three flights down. They can each take one for me and I can sit back and relax. Ha!
I have been so overwhelmed also with many gracious friends who have come by the house to help out with cleaning, meals and watching the kids so I can get out and get a few things done. It's amazing how very little can be 'accomplished' (in our task oriented culture) when there are five kiddies vying for my attention. Today I got to go to Starbucks to get done in five hours things I've had on my whiteboard list all month! That was a real relief, but I have to say I've been so blessed to be able to enjoy a different sort of accomplishment- investing in our children. When Marc and I agreed that the kids and I would stay up here during this time, one of our main goals was to make our family priority in the midst of all the ministry work and to be sure that they knew it. Our investment in their lives is just as much a part of our vision for raising up godly leaders. We pray one day one or maybe even all of the Honorat children will lead in ministry, be it Haiti ARISE or another, or just serving in a local church and community. That's our first heart's cry. And God is so gracious and amazing how He directs our steps- Asher, our oldest, just turned 9. I remember at the same time we conceived this Blessed Son of Promise, the ministry of Haiti ARISE was also born. The vision for raising up leaders came right at the start with a very practical and hands on model in our own home. What God does in the spirit, He shows in the natural too.
So, I'm eager to get back to Haiti! And to take our children along to help us in this great task of reaching out to people and raising them up. Asher too can't wait to get back to his Haitian friends, Ken, Rosney, Kiki and David- these are his disciples in a way, as each has come to Christ through his friendship. And we are eagerly awaiting for more, knowing that our investments in people's lives now, be it our children's lives or their investing in friends lives, will reap eternal rewards.