Well, Haiti seems to have weathered another battering storm. About 24 lives were reported lost, but many thousands lost possessions and homes, as their tents were washed away or blown over, filling with mud. The many reports we read in news articles were not so pretty. Fortunately, a hurricane is not nearly as destructive as an 8.0 earthquake in Haiti, but none the less, damage is done. The main reason for the damage from a hurricane is because of the hundreds of thousands that are still living in tents and tarp shelters throughout Haiti. Imagine living in a tent for almost 3 years! Camping can be fun, in the summer and good weather conditions, but for months on end and through a hurricane? I don't think that is anyone's idea of fun. Haiti still needs lots of prayer and support in this way, to work on providing families with safe homes.

We are still actively rebuilding homes for families in and around Grand Goave through EachONE BuildONE. We have just completed 32 over the summer and the work crews are working on three more. At least for these families, they were safe out of the rains and winds. You can help us continue this work by sponsoring the construction of a home for about $6,000 US. You can donate on our website or through our US or Canada office.

Fortunately also, Grand-Goave seemed to fair the storm well. We did not get any specific reports back from our staff at Haiti ARISE about any damage or loss with our campus or anyone connected to HAM. So we praise God for that. There have been reports that some worry cholera may sweep across again, with the flood the torrential pours brought, as sewage and waste contaminates gardens and water sources. So we need prayer that this would not happen.

Even though the situation is dismal for many still in Haiti, there is a great sense of hope and a resiliency in the people. This week, our children's workers in the church are hosting a kids program, and we have pictures posted on the Haiti ARISE Ministries Facebook page. You can click on the link to see them. Here are a few of the good ones. Johnny Laguerre and Madam Fanfan have been faithful at leading and caring for these little ones of the flock and it is such a blessing to see them flourishing!

Johnny teaches the kids a story.Madam Fanfan and the Girls Club sing and dance.