It has still been a very busy time of traveling and speaking engagements. Marc flew to Toronto and then drove with Pastor Paul Maines to Harriston, ON to speak at Crossroads Community Church. He had a great weekend with them, complete with a trip to the Niagara Falls! I was just slightly jealous. :) Then last weekend we drove out to Medicine Hat to visit with The Link church family and friends there. We also got to meet with our committee working on the Children's Village operational plans. That was an exciting meeting talking about and envisioning what the Children's Village will look like in operations. We are getting ever closer, as the first duplex is being completed this year. We hope to open the first one for operations while still working on construction of the consecutive duplexes and fourplexes. But we need funds! We are looking for churches and individuals to help support and sponsor the Children's Village homes and construction. if you are interested in helping support this project, please contact us or visit our website.

We have had news from Haiti that the church is planning a prayer and fasting week, praying for breakthrough in certain areas of ministry and the church families' needs. There is no better time than the present to pray and seek the Lord. We also have a lot of requests that we would ask you to join with us in prayer.

1. Hurricane Isaac- first and foremost, there are broadcasts predicting a serious hurricane heading straight for the DR and Haiti. We ask for your prayers that God would allow this storm to pass over without damage to the country. Hurricanes are an annual threat to the island and can cause major devastation. We are hoping it will die down or stay out over the waters!

2. Container in Haiti- we have mixed good and bad news about our container that was shipped from BC and got to PAP. This situation has been a sore frustration as it is a clear picture of how disorganized and corrupt the Haitian government is. The container arrived in port in February. We submitted all the necessary paperwork and requested our exemption for tax-free status on the container, which we have to do for every one that comes in although we are registered with the government as a not-for-profit organization. The official offices concerned took two months to decide NOT to grant us the status, leaving us with already hefty charges for storage fees. We were forced to pay tax on the contents of the container, even though all of it is for the community and not personal items. They still did not release it after we paid more than $4000 US. They held it longer, then told us we had to pay for the weight of the container- another big bill of a few thousand US. That was in June. We thought for sure it would be released once that was paid. What else could they come up with? But they continued to hold it, incurring more storage fees daily. We think that they were hoping we would abandoned it. But the contents are very valuable for the community- medical equipment and furniture for the Medical clinic, as well as water filters to be installed on wells we have drilled throughout the community and building supplies and the container itself is ours for storage. Just a few days ago, we got an urgent call from Archange, one of our leaders, with the news that they finally released the contents of the container, meaning they unloaded all of our stuff into two trucks and sent them out to Gand-Goave, minus our container and list of contents to verify we actually got all of our stuff. Everything was unloaded into the big open room of the residence building, which it obviously cannot stay there, but with no container we had no other place to store the contents and we still have not been able to verify that everything has arrived. So, we need prayer, that we get our container back, without having to pay anymore money, and that everything that was in the container actually arrived all in one piece at Haiti ARISE.

3. Family Needs- If you didn't know yet, we are expecting again with our fifth baby, due Christmas day, a gift God has chosen to give us. I have been doing and feeling well. We have decided to have Marc go to Haiti in the fall and the kids and I stay behind in Canada until baby is born. The only challenge we have had so far is I have not been able to find a female obstetrician that will take me as a new patient. My old doctor no longer does deliveries and good female doctors seem hard to find. So we need prayer for that. As well, another reason kids and I are staying is that Jasmine, our third child, is scheduled for surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out on Oct 29th. I am hoping to be able to go for a short trip down to Haiti myself with possibly just Miesha in November for Geanne's (our secretary) wedding, but with Jasmine's surgery now scheduled, I'm not sure it will work out. So we are just asking for prayer, for God's direction, provision and care in these issues.

We are on the road again today, on our way to Salmon Arm, BC to share at Living Waters Church. Then head down to Nelson, BC to join Kootenay Christian Fellowship in their family camp for the week and share at their church next Sunday. It shall be fun, but today our thoughts and prayers are with Haiti and Haiti ARISE for these things we've mentioned. Thanks for praying and believing with us!