It is so encouraging how active our young people and church members have become in getting involved, especially in our absence. Programs and activities continue with fervor in the church. Our leaders are doing a great job down there, both the senior leaders and many of the young leaders rising up to help lead.

In the beginning of the 2012 year, Sister Leah, a great woman of God in our church, felt the burden on her heart to start a club for the young girls, ages 12-18, to help them build friendships together, grow in their relationship with God and learn some good, wholesome social games and ethics. She, along with Madam Wilson and I and many of the married ladies helping out, met with the girls monthly to play old fashion marble games and hand clapping riddles, learn dances, share a Bible lesson and teach the girls about making wise, godly decisions. The girls have loved it! We even made a point each month to celebrate the girls' current birthdays, teaching them that the day they came into the world is important. These young girls are blossoming into lovely, spiritual girls who have a heart for one another and for God.

So the boys decided they too wanted to start a club. Some of our male lay leaders and children's workers have helped get it going- Wilson, Johnny, Kendy and Sylvio. And they just held their summer boys camp this past week. It looks like they had a blast , from the photos that Jean Sylvio posted for us all to see, learning songs, Bible lessons and playing lots of soccer. It is also very encouraging to have Jean Sylvio back in the church and serving again. He has been completely restored after his month of jail time. (You can read prior posts to follow what happened there.) But he is a young man after God's heart and has definitely learned from his sobering experience.

Here are a few of them below and if you would like to see more, you can visit the Facebook page they have created for their club at: CJEM.

The ladies prepare the meal for the boysJean Sylvio helping with audio and photos.So as you can see, while we are traveling all over North American countryside for Haiti ARISE, the ministry is still lively and growing forward. Praise God for his rasing up of young leaders.