We spent a fabulous time in California with lasting friends and making some new ones too. It was great to reconnect with team members from The Father's House spring team and vist some life-giving churches- Impact Church in Roseville and Church For Life in Santa Maria, CA. Marc speaking at Church For LIfe.That was the farthest south we have been in California so far and it was really beautiful there. Rob and Cindy Litzinger have an incredibly lively church and it was great to be a part of and listen to a lively speaker share about Haiti and encourage us in the Word (Marc). The Honorats meet Alcenat Honorat in CA.It was really cool to connect with one of Marc's cousins from Haiti who is actually living near Santa Maria! He had looked us up on Facebook a few months back and when he heard we would be in CA, he made sure to come out and meet us.

Marc at a Texas Rangers game.Marc has now gone off to Dallas for a week of speaking engagements with Rotary Clubs and churches and ministries. Marc and Jim checking out boats. How do we get this to Haiti?He also had some fun times with Jim Atrell, attending a Texas Rangers Baseball game and checking out boats that would be great for Haiti. He looks like he is having fun. He flies back to WA tomorrow, then we will head back towards the Canada border. In the meantime, the kids and I have enjoyed a week with my family in WA. We attended the Grill and Chill, which was put on by my sister's church, Shoreline Community Church in Shoreline, WA and then went to see the Torchlight Parade in Seattle last night. That was lots of fun hanging out!

I'm looking forward to getting back up to Calgary.... and starting to miss Haiti already.